Vocabulary: Answer Key

11. B. a palindrome is a word, phrase, number or sequence of words that reads the same backward as forward.

12. C.) calls up

13. A.) accelerate

14. B.) credible

15. C.) surmised

16. C.) magkaibigan

17. A.) cure-all

18. A.) Multifarious means having many different aspects or components.

19. D.) Plaintive means expressing sorrow; mournful, melancholy.

20. C.) Inveterate beliefs are deep-rooted or firmly established.

21. B.) An altercation is a heated dispute or quarrel.

22. D.) A contentious person is quarrelsome, competitive, quick to fight. Contentious also means controversial, causing contention.

23. A.) A cabal is a scheme or conspiracy; a small group joined in a secret plot.

24. B.) A bellicose person is belligerent, quarrelsome; eager to wage war.

25. C.) An apocalypse is a cataclysmic event that brings total devastation or the end of the world.

26.A.) An incursion is a raid or temporary invasion of someone else’s territory.

27. C.) A nemesis is a source of harm or ruin; the cause of one’s misery or downfall, bane; agent of retribution or vengeance.

28. D.) To pillage means to forcibly rob of goods; to plunder.

29. A.) Placid means calm and peaceful; free from disturbance.

30. B.) A reprisal is an act of retaliation for an injury. It is also the practice of using political or military force without actually resorting to war.

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