40+ Foods na Pampatibay ng Immune System kontra Coronavirus Disease

Labanan natin ang COVID-19, panatilihing malusog ang ating katawan sa pamamagitan ng pagkain ng mga pagkaing nagpapalakas ng ating immunity kontra sa Coronnavirus. Read more...

Civil Service Exam Reviewer 2020 Page 26 - Answer Key

Idiomatic Expression and Correct Spelling - Answer Key

31. B.) let out a secret

32. C.) accusing the wrong person

33. D.) weak spot

34. A.) very expensive

35. C.) born into a very rich family

36. B.) survived the crisis

37. A.) a man is loyal in whom confidence had been placed

38. B.) desire only what you can afford

39. E.) be self-reliant

40. B.) longed

41. A.) commitment

42. C.) ridiculous

43. D.) anonymous

44. A.) extraordinary

45. B.) assurance

46. A.) frequently

47. C.) emphasis

48. A.) concede

49. D.) aspirations

50. B.) exercise

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