10. The table below shows the data Steve collected while watching birds for one week. How many raptors did Steve see on Monday?
a. 6 raptors
b. 7 raptors
c. 8 raptors
d. 10 raptors


11. The following are examples of Palindrome, except.
a. level 
b. same 
c. deified 
d. noon 
e. murdrum

12. That perfume always "evokes" pleasant memories.
a. angers 
b. erases 
c. calls up 
d. confuses

13. The attorney wanted to "expedite" the process because her client was becoming impatient.
a. accelerate 
b. evaluate 
c. reverse 
d. justify

14. The suspect gave a "plausible" explanation for his presence at the scene, so the police decided to
look elsewhere for the perpetrator of the crime.
a. unbelievable 
b. credible
c. insufficient
d. apologetic

15. He based his conclusion on what he "inferred" from the evidence, not on what he actually observed.
a. predicted 
b. imagined 
c. surmised 
d. implied

16. Sila ay nagdadamayan sa hirap at ginhawa. Sila ay totoong “naghihiramang suklay”
a. mag asawa 
b. magkapatid 
c. magkaibigan 
d. magka anak

17. There is no PANACEA that will solve our financial difficulty.
a. cure-all 
b. answer 
c. paradox 
d. criteria

18. A multifarious task would
a. have many different components. 
b. have very few components. 
c. be very complex.
d. be impossible to complete.

19. Plaintive cries would be
a. musical, soothing. c. loud, jarring.
b. plain, uninteresting. d. sorrowful, mournful.

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