20. People with inveterate beliefs
a. can be easily manipulated.
b. have adopted their beliefs from another.
c. hold their beliefs deeply and passionately.
d. change their beliefs frequently.

21. If you were involved in an altercation, you
a. had an accident.
b. had a heated argument.
c. served in a war.
d. were part of a conspiracy.

22. If you are a contentious person, you
a. are usually right.
b. believe in “an eye for an eye.”
c. always try to keep the peace.
d. are very competitive and quarrelsome

23. If you are part of a cabal, you
a. are involved in a secret plot.
b. are participating in a protest.
c. belong to the majority.
d. are fighting against the enemy

24. If you are a bellicose leader, you
a. do everything in your power to avoid war
b. are eager to wage war.
c. remain neutral during international conflicts.
d. treat all citizens equally

25. If an apocalypse is near, you can expect
a. a period of extended peace.
b. a time of anarchy.
c. total devastation and destruction.
d. an invasion

26. If your country suffers an incursion, your territory
a. has been invaded.
b. is in a depression.
c. has seceded to form a new state.
d. has had a natural disaster

27. If you meet your nemesis, you meet
a. the leader of your country.
b. your guardian angel.
c. the cause of your misfortunes.
d. the person who decides your fate.

28. If you pillage a village, you
a. set it on fire.
b. destroy it with bombs.
c. negotiate peace between warring tribes.
d. ransack it and steal as much as you can.

29. If you are a placid person, you
a. are usually calm and peaceful.
b. are always trying to pick a fight.
c. are disloyal.
d. are not to be trusted.

30. If you plan a reprisal, you
a. plan to surrender.
b. plan to retaliate.
c. hope to negotiate a cease-fire.
d. plan to desert the army

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