For each of the following sentences, choose the correct spelling for the missing word.

41. The journalist made a ________ to finish the article by Friday.
a. commitment
b. committent
c. comittment
d. comitment

42. Dad thinks it is ________ to stay up late on a school night.
a. rediculous
b. rediculus
c. ridiculous
d. ridiculus

43. The large donation came from an ________ source.
a. anynonimous
b. anonimous
c. anounymous
d. anonymous

44. The scientists had to do an ________ amount of research on the project.
a. extraordinary
b. extraordinery
c. extrordinary
d. ecstraordinary

45. The customer service representative gave his ________ that the refund would be made
within two weeks.
a. asurrance
b. assurance
c. assurence
d. assureance

46. The purpose of the new city ordinance was debated ________.
a. frequently
b. frequintly
c. frequentlly
d. frequentley

47. Throughout the trial, the ________ was placed on scientific evidence.
a. enphasis
b. emphisis
c. emphasis
d. emfasis

48. The presidential candidate refused to ________ the election until every vote was counted.
a. concede
b. conceed
c. consede
d. conseed

49. Each of the new employees had similar________.
a. asspirations
b. asparations
c. aspirrations
d. aspirations

50. The young man wished to ________ his right to speak freely.
a. excercise
b. exercise
c. exersize
d. exercize

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