Idiomatic Expression & Correct Grammar/Spelling:

31. If you don’t spill the beans now, you might gonna regret it.
a. spread rumors
b. let out a secret
c. plant some seeds
d. none of the above

32. Hey, man, you are absolutely barking up the wrong tree here because I’m innocent.
a. choosing the wrong dog
b. giving up a fight
c. accusing the wrong person
d. setting up an event in a tree

33. One proven way to beat an enemy is find his Achilles heel.
a. secret strategy
b. amulet
c. strong point
d. weak spot

34. His new Ferrari costs an arm and a leg so he is now looking for another job.
a. very expensive
b. got fired
c. met an accident
d. was stolen

35. He married a woman who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
a. born very beautiful
b. born very poor
c. born into a very rich family
d. born very talkative

36. They were able to WEATHER the storm.
a. reached home safely
b. survived the crisis
c. defeated the enemies
d. realized their mistakes
e. predicted the calamity

37. TRUST men and they will be true to you.
a. a man is loyal in whom confidence had been placed
b. man must trust you to be faithful to you
c. a secret is a test of friendship
d. destruct the people justifies their deserving
e. trust all men in everything or more in anything

38. CUT your coat to your cloth.
a. walk in accordance with your ability
b. desire only what you can afford
c. patronize first your own product
d. express only relevant ideas
e. dress up according to the accessories

39. Paddle your own CANOE.
a. always tries his best
b. earn his own money
c. have self-respect
d. learn from his mistakes
e. be self-reliant

40. This report leaves much to be DESIRED.
a. satisfactory
b. longed
c. important
d. legible
e. ready

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