Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Bhutanese actresses. Some of them are also talented singer, dancer, model, businesswomen, politician, and former beauty queen. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 14 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Actresses

LIST: 10+ Most Beautiful Bhutanese Actresses

1. Sonam Lhamo is a Bhutanese actress. She is best known for playing one of the leading roles in the 2003 film Travellers and Magicians. Lhamo plays a young hitchhiker in the movie, accompanying her farmer father to the city. Lhamo was fourteen years old when she acted in the film. 
Born: 1988. 
Movies: Travellers and Magicians.

2. Kezang Wangmo is a Bhutanese politician, actress, poet, singer, dancer and goodwill ambassador for organic farming in Bhutan.
Born: Paro District, Western Bhutan
Song: A La La Ngi Sem. 
Awards: Best Newcomer, Best Female Lead Actress. 
Movies: Travelers and Magicians (2003), The Destiny (2010), Patterns of Love/Sem Gi Damtse (2016), Coopers Mountain (2015).

3. Deki Yangzom is a Bhutanese actress. 
Movies: Travelers and Magicians (2003), The Container (2011) and The Container (2011).

4. Lhaki Dolma is a Bhutanese actress and politician who has been a member of the National Council of Bhutan, since May 2018. She has acted in 18 films in a career that she started when was attending her final year of the high school - securing the lead role in the Chepai Bhu (Beloved Son). Her performance in Chepai Bhu secured her the best actress award in the first National Film Awards in 2002. Ever since, she has been one of the most sought-after artistes in Bhutan. 
Movies: Chepai Bu (2001), Euchung Lhamo (2006), Seday (2008), Bardo (2009)
Born: 1979/1980, Punakha. 
Spouse: Kuenga Lhendup. 
Children: 3

5. Tshering Zam is a famous Bhutanese film actress and has worked in various Bhutanese films, nine of which are quite famous.
Movies: The Golden Ring, Mi Tshe Sum Gu Drok

6. Tsokye Tsomo Karchung is a Bhutanese actress and beauty pageant title holder who won Miss Bhutan 2008 and competed in Miss Earth 2008. She is also the first Bhutanese woman to be crowned as Miss Bhutan. As an actress, she acted in many Bhutanese films including 'My Teacher, My World, Wai Lama Kencho and Meto Pema. 
Born: 20 August 1984, Thimphu, Bhutan. 
Movies: 2013 - Jarim Sarim Yeshey Tshogay 2014 - BAEYUL-The Hidden Paradise 2015 Wai Lama Kencho 2016 Thrung Thrung Karmo. 

7. Sonam Choki is a Bhutanese movie personality who has worked in 16 Bhutanese films.
Movies: Muti Thrishing (2005), Singye

8. Tshering Yangki is a Bhutanese movie personality.
Movies: Nga Ga Mo (2014), Sem Ghi Remo

9. Deki Lhamo is a Bhutanese actress.
Movie: Lencha, Yoebum Yoetsho

10. Sherab Lhamo is a Bhutanese actress.
Movies: The Undying Love of Pemai Tshewang Tashi (2015), Druk - When the Dragon Roars and Nge Tsawai Lama (2017)

11. Namkha Lhamo is a Bhutanese actress. 
Movies: Seldrup (2009), Nge Hingi Rewa

12. Tandin Bidha is a Bhutanese actress.
Movies: Tse Dhung Chen, RUEBI

13. Dhendup Dema is an actress.
Movies: Karma (2013), Wai Lama Kencho

14. Pema Yuden is a Bhutanese actress. 
Movies: Kabikha Tshi, Drakcin Gyalmo 2