Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Bahraini actresses. Some of them are also model, dancer, singer, host, and former beauty queen. See the full list below in no particular order. Please be noted that this is just a list and not a ranking.

LIST: 18 Most Beautiful Bahraini Actresses

LIST: 10+ Most Beautiful Bahraini Actresses

1. Haifa Hussein is a Bahraini actress and singer, well known for Khaliji television dramas in her native Bahrain. Haifa begun her career in 1999, she get her famous in her main role in Lakita TV series, she announced her retirement in 2018. 
Born: 22 October 1979, Muharraq, Bahrain. 
Spouse: Habib Ghuloom (m. 2010). 
Children: 3. 
Parents: Hussein Yousef. 
TV shows: Shea' Min El-Madie, El-Khtaya El-Ashr (Since 2018), Batran Live his day.

2. Zahra Arafat is a Bahraini artist, she participated in many Khaleeji (Arab Gulf) series and Comedy plays. Critics have classified her as one of the best Khaleeji (Arab Gulf) actresses. She starred in many series, among them “Al Ikhtyar” (The Choice), “Tash ma Tash,” “Yom Akhar”. 
Born: 8 November 1969, Bahrain. 
Children: Salman Al-Bahrani. 
TV shows: Habibi Hyati.

3. Shaila Sabt is a Bahraini actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder of Indian descent who was crowned Bahrain Top Model 2010. 
Born: 19 August 1989, Muharraq Governorate, Bahrain. 
Height: 1.65 m. 
TV shows: Sakan AlTalebat, Banat Aljami'a, Alwada'a, Alghani wal Bakhil, Awrak AlHub. 
Siblings: Abrar Sabt, Shaima Sabt, Shatha Sabt. 
Parents: Fatima Ismail, Muhammed Sabt.

4. Amerra Mohammed (Amira Mohammed) is a Bahraini actress. 
Born: 9 December 1981. 
TV shows: Hawameer El Sahraa.

5. Fatima Abdul Raheem is a Bahraini actress. Raheem began her career in youth theater in 1989. Since then, she has acted in serials, plays and several movies. 
Born: 15 October 1975, Bahrain. 
Height: 1.73 m. 
Children: Layal, Nouh. 
Movies and TV shows: Marimy (2009), Za'er (2004), Sewalef Tefash (Since 2009), Haneen (2005), Lulu Morgan.

6. Shatha Sabt is Bahraini actress. 
Born: 7 March 1981, Muharraq, Bahrain. 
Parents: Fatima Ismail, Muhammed Sabt. 
Siblings: Shaima Sabt, Abrar Sabt, Shaila Sabt.

7. Abrar Sabt is a Bahraini actress. 
Born: 12 March 1992, Manama, Bahrain. 
Movies: Al-johara. 
Siblings: Shaila Sabt, Shatha Sabt, Shaima Sabt. 
Parents: Fatima Ismail, Muhammed Sabt.

8. Al-Mohra is a Bahraini actress. 
Born: 30 July 1991, Bahrain. 
Education: University of Bahrain.

9. Tanvee Kishore is a Marathi film, Hindi film and Konkani cinema actress, her exotic look and striking personality comes from being Dubai bred and a multi-linguist with her knowledge and ability to speak 11 languages. 
Born: Bahrain. 
Education: Fergusson College. 
Movies: Veerat Veer Maratha, Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi

10. Zainab Al-Askari is a Bahraini actress, spokesmodel and model popular in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. 
Born: 6 February 1974, Manama, Bahrain. 
Parents: Ghuloom Hasan Ali. 
Spouse: Abdullah bin Salim Al Qassimi (m. 2009), Ali Mirza Asad Muhammad (m. 1993–1999). 
TV shows: Bela Rahma, Al-Wahem, Fatat Okhra, Hazawi Al-Dar. 
Children: Hala Al-Qasimi, Alzain Al-Qasimi.

11. Shaima Sabt is an actress.
Born: 26 October 1977, Muharraq, Bahrain. 
Siblings: Shaila Sabt, Shatha Sabt, Abrar Sabt. 
Parents: Fatima Ismail, Muhammed Sabt.

12. Azhar Elhalwagy is a Bahraini actress. 
Born: 5 May 1981.

13. Reem Arhama is an actress. 
Born: 7 December 1986. 
Nationality: Bahraini.

14. Ebtisam Al Atawi is a Bahraini actress.
Born: 19 May 1980, Muharraq, Bahrain
Movies: Four Girls.

15. Zainab Ghazi is a Bahraini actress. 
Born: 21 November 1992. 
TV shows: Al-Muwajaha.

16. Najwa Elkebesi is an actress. 
Born: 30 July 1983, Doha, Qatar. 
Nationality: Bahraini, Qatari

17. Salwa Aljarrash is an actress. 
Born: 19 January 1986. 
Movies: Tafash Talks: Himalaya Island.

18. Fouz Al Sharqawi is an actress. 
Born: 24 May 1984. 
Movies: Al Ashgar.