Paano umuwi ng Mindoro at iba pang lugar sa Pilipinas kung stranded ako sa ibang bayan o siyudad dito din sa Pilipinas?

Sa lahat po ng mga LOCALLY STRANDED INDIVIDUALS (LSI) na nais umuwi dito sa Oriental Mindoro... Maaari po kayong magregister.

Bilang bahagi po ng paghahanda sa nakatakdang paglabas ng IMPLEMENTING GUIDELINES mula sa Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) para sa PAGPAPAUWI ng mga LOCALLY STRANDED INDIVIDUALS mula sa labas ng Oriental Mindoro, hinihikayat ang lahat ng nagnanais makauwi na magpatala upang maiayos ang bilang ng mga posibleng babalik ganundin ang mga prosesong dapat gawin.


UPDATE: as of May 16, 2020


BASAHIN ang inilabas na guidelines ng National Task Force Against COVID-19 para sa ating mga kababayang gustong umuwi sa ating lalawigan o sa sariling lugar.

(Kukunin mula sa LGU kung saan kayo stranded)

1. MEDICAL CLEARANCE Certification mula sa City o Municipal Health Officer kung saan kayo stranded.
2. TRAVEL AUTHORITY mula sa Joint Task Force CV Shield kung saan kayo stranded.
3. CERTIFICATE OF ACCEPTANCE mula sa LGU na inyong uuwian.

* Para makakuha ng Medical Certificate, dapat ikaw ay nakapag-14 day quarantine, di kabilang sa close contact, suspect, probable o positive COVID-19 cases.
Ang LSI na naging positibo sa COVID-19 ay dapat magkaroon muna ng dalawang negatibong RT-PCR Test.

* Para makakuha ng Certificate of Acceptance, makipag-ugnayan sa Barangay na inyong uuwian. Ang Barangay ay makikipag-ugnayan sa LGU, at ang LGU ay makikipag-ugnayan naman sa mga concerned agencies para sa inyong dokumento at maayos na pagbyahe.

Para sa taga-Oriental Mindoro, magrehistro sa registration form sa baba.


National Task Force Against COVID-19

Update Official Document from AITF as of May 16, 2020.


In light of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) global pandemic, the movement of Individuals between and within countries have been heavily reduced to curb the spread of the Infection. The reduction In mobility as a result of the measures Imposed by the national and local governments to contain the spread or the virus have inadvertently created unintended consequences In cross-border movements that need to be addressed.

Filipinos and foreign nationals, upon the Implementation or enhanced community quarantine In several parts or the country, are left stranded In active border control points and are unable to return to their respective residences.

In view or the above, this National Task Force (NTF) Against COVID-19 Order shall provide guidelines for the Implementation of cross-border management of locally stranded individuals.

2. Purpose:
This Order Intends to provide guidelines following a systemic and coordinated approach in facilitating the return or Locally Stranded Individuals (LSls) to their respective residences.

3. Scope and Coverage:
All Implementing Agencies, National, Regional, and Local COVID-19 Task Forces including barangays.

4. Definition or Terms:
a. Availability of Travel - shall refer to the official endorsement of concerned local COVID Task Force indicating the relevant details of travel of LSI.

b. Filipino Local Workers - shall refer to any member of the labor force, regardless or employment status Including working owners and officers. II Includes the following:
> All workers of establishments or principals regardless of employment status;
> All workers of contractors or subcontractors regardless of employment status:
> Visiting workers, consultants or volunteers; and
> On-tho-job trainees or other similar hands on learning arrangements, whether paid or unpaid.

c. Facility Manager - a person designated to lake charge of a temporary quarantine facility. He/She Is part of the government agency, national or local, assigned to manage a temporary quarantine facility.

d. Locally Stranded Individuals (LSls) • Filipino citizens or Foreign nationals (e.g. construction and domestic workers, tourists. students, among others) In a specific locality within the Philippines who have expressed Intention to return to their place of residence/home origin:

5. Categorization:
a. Locally Stranded Individuals (LSls):
> Workers:
> Students;
> Tourists;
> Individuals stranded In various localities while In transit; and
> Other stranded Individuals.

6. General Policy:

a. The Sub-TaskGroup for the Repatriation of Overseas Filipino Workers shall be renamed as Sub-Task Group on Management of Returning Overseas Filipinos and Locally Stranded Individuals (STG on Management of ROFs and LSls):

b. Two (2) Sub-Task Units under the Sub-Task Group on Management of ROFs
and LSls shall be created. to wit:
> Sub-Task Unit on Returning Overseas Filipinos - shall be responsible to process/facilitate repatriation and provide assistance for ROFs, which shall be managed by the Sub-Task Group on
Management of ROFs and LSls: and
> Sub-Task Unit on Locally Stranded Individuals - shall have the
responsibility to process/facilitate the transportation and provide assistance for LSls.

c. Likewise, all Regional Task Forces. including the BARMM - Rapid Emergency Action on Disaster Incidence (BARMM-READI) and Local Task Forces (LTFs), shall organize their respective Management of LSls Sub-Clusters under their
Governance Clusters. and shall align their organlzallonal structure and
Implementation efforts with the STG on the Management or ROFs and LSls;

d. The DSWD may provide transportation and food assistance to undocumented LSls. or other Interventions that are within the scope and mandate or the agency;

e. The DOH lad Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) sub-cluster under Health shall oversee the Implementation or MHPSS Initiatives for LSls at the national and regional levels;

f. The RTFs and BARMM - Rapid Emergency Action on Disaster Incidence (BARMM-READI) from the point of origin shall facilitate Inter-regional coordination with the RTF or final destination and insure that the Local Chief Executive (LCE) or the receiving Local Government Units (LGUs) shall be provided with the relevant Information to facilitate the unhampered transfer of
LSls In the regions;

g. The Department or Tourism (DOT) shall undertake the necessary measures to provide chartered and sweeper nights for tourists considered as LSls to transport them to their residences;

h. The DOTr shall ensure the availability of transportation services to reallocate Immediate and smooth transfers of LSls rrom their point of origin to their final destination. Receiving LGUs may provide transportation services to their respective constituents to avoid further delays;

i. All LGUs shall provide transfer services to LSls at ports, airports, and transport terminals within their areas or jurisdiction to transport them to their places of residence. inter-LGU coordination Is required to manage the transfer of the LSls, Including the movement of people needing passage from one LGU to another as a result of being displaced or dismissed from work'; following tho
declaration of community quarantine;

j. All receiving LGUs shall not deny the entry of LSIs with complete requirements, provided that prior coordination was made through the NTF and/or the Regional Task Forces (RTFs), and other concerned agencies as deemed necessary. The receiving LGUs, however, may subject the LSIs to Its local health protocols and procedures, such as 14-day quarantine and rapid anti-body testing for COVID-19 disease, that are consistent with IATF policies.

k. The Sub-Task Group on Law and Order, through JTF CV Shlold. shall assist and facllltate the unhampered passage of ROFs and LSIs in Quarantine Control Checkpoints (QCP):

l. The Task Group on Resource Management and Logistics (TG RML) shall ensure to provldo the necessary logistical requirements of but not limited to the provisions stated In this Order;

m. The Task Group on Response Operations (TG RO) shall ensure to provide the necessary
operational assistance of, but not limited to the provisions stated in this Order; and

n. The Task Group on Strategic Communication (TG Strat Comm) shall ensure that proper crisis messaging and adequate risk communication shall be cascaded to all concerned.

7. Specific Guidelines:

7 .1. Pre-Departure

7.1.1. An LSI shall notify the barangay that he/she is stranded. which shall be consolidated by the LGUs. The LGUs will forward the Information to the RTFs for coordination. end to secure the required Travel Authority from the JTF CV Shield;

7.1.2. To facilitate the departure arrangement of the LSIs, the LGUs shall: Ensure that all LSIs have undergone a 14-day quarantine prior lo departure: Ensure that the LSIs are neither a contact, suspect, probable, nor a confirmed COVID-19 case. If the LSI Is determined to be so. appropriate measures and referral actions shall be made by the LGU of origin, through the Local Health Office;

7.1.3. The LGU of origin through its Local COVID-19 Task Force, shall facilitate the following documents prior to the LSI's departure: A Medical Clearance Certification Issued by the City/Municipal Health Office based on the following conditions: That the LSI Is neither a contact. suspect or probable or confirmed COVID-19 case: and

7.1.3,1.2. That the LSI completed a 14-day quarantine based on the quarantine standards set by the OOH; or That LSI confirmed as a COVID-19 case was tested negative through RT-PCR twice:

7 .1.3.2. Notice or availability of Travel to be submitted to tho JTF CV Shield; The JTF CV Shield shall Issue the Travel Authority (TA) provided that the LGU of origin have the following details such as but not limited to: List of LSIs, Point of origin and Its destination, Travel date, and Name or driver/s, vehicle to be used with plate number/s. Further, the authority lo Issue TA Is delegated to: Commander of JTF CV Shield In case of inter-regional movement: Commander, Regional JTF CV Shield In case of intra-regional movements: and Commander. Provincial JTF CV Shield with respect to movement between component municipalities/cities of the same province.

7, All Issuances of TA shall be reported to the NTF through the JTF CV Shield.

7.1.4. LSIs who are using their personal transport service to their final destination shall secure necessary !ravel documents as enumerated In and 7 . from the LGU of origin;

7.1.5. The  DSWD,  In coordination with their Local  Social  Welfare Development  Otrloes (LSWDOs) counterparts In the LGUs, may augment as necessary the following assistance to all LSIs:

7 .1.5.1. Food Assistance; Psychosocial Intervention: and

7, 1.5.3. Financial assistance;

7.2. Departure from the LGU or origin

7 .2.1. The LGU or origin shall submit a disaggregated  list of LSIs with complete details per region and province of destination to their respective DILG-OFW Dask Officer and RTFs, three (3) days prior to departure;

7.2.2. The RTFs shall Immediately endorse the list of LSIs submitted by the LGU or origin to the NTF through the STG on the Management of ROFs and LSIs;

7.2.3. The STG on the Management or ROFs and LSIs In collaboration with TG RML and TGRO shall coordinate with the following agencies: The DILG shall coordinate  and provide relevant Information lo the LCEs or receiving LGUs through Its DILG-OFW Operations Officers: The DOTr end/or DOT shall coordinate with tho PPA and PCG (sea-based), CAAP (air-based), and receiving LGUs (land-based) for provision or transport services of the LSIs:

7 .2.3.3. The JTF CV Shield shall facilitate and ensure smooth passage or the LSIs at QCPs during transit;

7.2.4. The Department or Labor and Employment (DOLE) shall coordinate with manning agencies of stranded local workers for the expenses incurred in the process or transfer that cannot be covered by tho government;

7.2.5. Tho LGU of origin shall provide the LSIs with the following three documents prior to his/her departure:

7 .2.5.1. Medical Clearance Certification from the City/Municipal Health Officer: Travel Authority from the JTF CV Shield; and Certificate of Acceptance from the receiving LGU.

7.2.6. Social distancing measures and wearing of face masks shall be maintained In the whole duration of travel.

7.3. Upon Arrival at Ports of Entry

7.3.1. The receiving LGU shall coordinate with the LGU concerned end JTF CV Shield from the port of entry for passage/clearance:

7.3.2. The following agencies shall secure all arriving LSIs and usher them to Identified port Isolation areas: PPA for See-based; LGU for Land-based: CAAP/Alrport Authorities for Air-based:

7.3.3. Social distancing measures and wearing of race masks shall be maintained in the whole duration of the entry process;

7.3.4. The DSWD or the LSWDOs in the LGUs may provide psychosocial support or counselling lo LSIs, as necessary;

7.3.5. The receiving LGU may provide transportation assistance to the LSI

from the port of entry to the LSI's residence;

7.4. Arrival at Final Destination

7.4.1. Upon arrival, the receiving LGU shall require two documents from the LSIs:  Medical Clearance Certification: end Travel Authority:

7 .4.2. LS ls shall be ushered to a temporary holding area designated for LSIs

only. The Local Health Office shall assess the LSIs for any fever and other respiratory symptoms: If an LSI presents any of COVID-19 symptoms. he/she shall be Immediately Isolated based on the clinical judgement of the Local Health Officer and shell be subjected to established health protocols and procedures for suspected COVID-19 patients; If without any symptoms, the LSI may be transported to her/his place of residence by the receiving LGU. She/He may not be required to undergo another 14-day quarantine. However, for those not quarantined,they ere encouraged to stay at home and conduct self-monitoring for any symptoms in the next 14 days.

7.4.3.  Tho Local COVID Task Force, through the Local Health Office in coordination with the Barengay Health Emergency Response Teems, shall monitor the status or all LSIs for the next 14 days;

7.4.4. If the LSI manifests any signs and symptoms within the 14-day observation period. the Local COVID Task Force shall immediately report the name of the symptomatic LSI to the concerned RTFs for coordinated response.The LSI shall be immediately isolated or referred to an appropriate facility by the Local Health Office. The Local Task Force, through the Local Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit and the local contact tracing team, shall Immediately conduct the contact tracing procedures.

7.4.5,  The DOH led MHPSS sub-cluster under Health shall: Activate and ensure proper coordination and consultation for intersectoral mental health and psychosocial support among existing agencies/organizations to avoid duplication and overlapping of efforts: Lead the MHPSS resource/capacity mapping and identify needed

Initiatives based on the possible psychosocial Impacts or COVID-19. Facilitate the provision of age, culturally, and contextually

appropriate MHPSS activities coordinated within and across sectors or clusters: Establish and contextualize inter-sectoral referral pathways to the situation of limited physical distancing, such as resource mapping, and establishment of phone, Internet, and emergency referrals. Coordinate and link psychosocial services needed by affected LSIs with the appropriate agency, cluster other than health. E.g. relief goods, peace and security, concerns, temporary shelter.

8.  Implementation:

8.1. All Implementing Agencies shall issue the necessary Advisory/Memorandum to adopt this Order and ensure Its widest dissemination within their respective jurisdiction.

8.2.  All Local COVID-19 Task Forces shall ensure that the purpose of this Order is faithfully complied by all concerned.

9. Effectivity:

9.1. This Order shall toke effect Immediately.


You can download the official/whole guidance for all LSI's here.