The GoLearn50 of Globe is a new promo created exclusively for student subscribers. This promo is only available via GCash app and cannot be registered manually using GoLearn50 and send to 8080. I have tried it and it will not work. You need to avail it via GCash.

During this coronavirus pandemic, DepEd is using the so-called online learning here in the Philippines. This will use different kind of medias like television, and radio. It will also involve gadgets like mobile phones with the capability of connecting to a WiFi connection or can access the internet using its own internet data.

Laptops and PC will also be in demand for this new normal of schooling to avoid gathering inside schools that will lessen student to student contact or teacher to student contact due to the coronavirus.

Now, to be able to get this promo, you need to go to a Globe load seller that also have GCash or to anyone with GCash and ask him to load you the GoLearn50.

You can also download the app in Google Play or App Store. Register and verify your account and cash in some money in your verified GCash account and then load it yourself. This way, you do not need to go outside your own house because you can load it yourself.

GoLearn50 will give you the following:

5GB of internet data (mobile, laptop/pc) that can be used to any online website like Google search, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
1GB GoLearn (Youtube access, etc)
Unli All-Net texts
Validity: 3 days

If 3 days validity is not enough, you can extend it up to 15 days using Gosurfbe34. Just text Gosurfbe34 and send it to 8080. Your GoLearn50 will be extended up to 15 days.