Before, you can register FB10 via sending the keyword to 4545 using your TNT sim card. But now, you won't be able to do not anymore.

TNT FB10 how to register using *123#

You need to use the way of registration to be able to avail the promo. But you can still skip the tricky process by asking your Globe load retailer to automatically give you the FB10 promo instead of loading you 10 pesos.

But, for this post I will simply teach you the new way to be able to register to FB10. First, of course, you need the following:

10 pesos worth of load

Now, after you loaded your phone with the needed load balance follow the steps below.

1. Dial *123# and press the CALL button.
2. You will see the USSD code running... message.
3. A menu will appear, go and find Other Offers which is number 6. Type number 6 and press OK/Enter/Send.
4. Another menu will appear, find FB which is number 5. Type number 5 and press OK/Enter/Send.
5. For the next menu find 10 for FB10, 50 is for FB50. FB10 is number 1, type number 1 and press Send.
6. For the last step find Subscribe which is number 1. Type number 1 and press Send to avail FB10 promo.
7. Done, just wait for a confirmation message saying that you have successfully availed the promo.

Note: If this tutorial is not working anymore, you can still register for TNT FB10 via:

What you will get?
a. Get 200 MB FB everyday which is good for 3 days. This means that you have a total of 600 MB data (200 MB daily) for 3 days.

Let us analyze your benefits for this promo.

600 MB for 3 days for 10 pesos. That's 3.33 pesos per day only.

But if you are a student that will be using online learning during this coronavirus pandemic, FB10 is not enough, because you will be needing Google search also, as well as watching Youtube videos and visit other websites. Why not try the Go50 promo which is good for 3 days also but instead of 200 MB you will get 5 GB data that you can use to access not only Facebook but also, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Tiktok, and many more online websites and apps. But take note, Go50 is not available for TNT or Smart, it is only for Globe users. If you want to try it click here.