I just checked the *123# menu of TNT on my phone and I cannot see the option to avail the TNT FB10 data promo anymore. But still, you can register to the promo using GCash (which is going to be discussed on this tutorial), and using ShopeePay which is only worth P6.00 as of August 2021.

Table of Contents:
☑ Opening GCash app
☑ Opening Buy Load
☑ Typing load receiver
☑ Paying using GCash funds
☑ Load sent

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How Load/Register TNT FB10 using GCash

👉 Open your GCash app. Find and press Buy Load.

👉 Inside Buy Load, press your number and change it with the number that you want to load the TNT FB10 promo. When done, press the Next button to continue.

👉 Inside Buy Load, find and press the TNT tab. Now, find TNT FB 10 promo. Available for TNT only 200MB/day valid for 3 days. Check/select the promo, and press the Next button to continue.

👉 Inside Payment, just press the Pay php 10.00 button to proceed.

👉 Done! You will instantly receive a text from GCash regarding the trasaction.

TNT FB 10 Data promo details:
☑ The promo is worth P10
☑ Valid for 3 days
☑ Contains 200 MB data per day that you can use to access Facebook. Meaning, you have a total of 600 MB data.