Grammarly is simply an online editing software that helps you write your article correctly. While you are writing your post, Grammarly automatically checks your spelling as well as grammar. This article used the Premium Grammarly extension.

LIST: Grammarly Free Premium Accounts 2020

So if you are a Blogger or just writer, you can easily edit your posts, articles, or any kind of writings using Grammarly. The good thing is, you can use Grammarly for free. All you need to do is install a Grammarly extension on your browser.

For Google Chrome, use this extension.
For Mozilla Firefox, use this one.

See an example of a Premium Grammarly subscription below.

After installing, you just have to test Grammarly functionality, and that's it. The sad thing is, free Grammarly has limitations, unlike the Premium Grammarly.

Analyzing the cost of a premium account, see the prices below.

The monthly subscription costs $2 5per member or month, in a year that's a little big money coming out of your pocket if you are just an ordinary Blogger with no such high online income.

For this post, I will reshare what others already shared, the Free Grammarly Premium accounts. And like the original donators of these premium accounts said before, please, please, please, do not change the password of any of the accounts so that everybody can use it for a long term basis.

Here are some of the Grammarly Premium accounts that you can use:

  9. pukilin0
  10. palace246
How to use these emails and passwords?

1. Just install the Chrome or Firefox Grammarly extension.
2. After installation, click the Grammarly icon located on the upper right corner of your browser.
3. Then, click the Login button and input any of the given premium accounts above.
4. Done!
5. If your Grammarly does not automatically activate with your Blogger or WordPress article editor, all you need to do is restart your browser.

Sample of a Premium Grammarly Chrome extension:

We will not post too many accounts here. What's the use of having too many Premium accounts posted if all of them are not working anymore?

And, please do not change the password of any of the account. Lastly, comment below if any of the accounts are not working anymore. Thank you!