What is TNT UTP15?

This promo is available for TNT subscribers only! It has the following:
  • Unlimited Trinet (Smart, TNT, Sun) SMS or texts
  • Unlimited Trinet (Smart, TNT, Sun) Calls
  • +50 SMS to other networks (Globe, TM)
  • Suitable for 2 days only
How to load/register TNT UTP15 using GCash app, 2 days, P50

STEPS: How to load/register TNT UTP15 using GCash app

1. Login on your GCash account.
2. Press "Buy Load."
3. In the "Buy Load For:" type, the number of the customer or receiver of the load.
4. Press the NEXT button.
5. Now find the "TNT" tab and press it.
6. Then tap on TNT UTP15, and press the NEXT button.
7. In the Payment, press the "Pay PHP 15.00" button located below the screen.
8. Done

If the transaction is processed successfully, you will receive 2 messages from GCash saying:

First message:

"You have paid P15.00 of GCash to purchase TNT UTP 15 for 09461234567 on 08-04-20 08:11 AM. Your GCash balance is P1693.89 Ref. No. 123456789."

Second message:

You have received a P0.75 rebate for your load transaction. Ref. No. 20200804111............ Earn from your rebates by depositing it to your GSave account! Visit bit.ly/GSaveIt to start."

The rebate here is your TUBO or net. So if you are loading 15 pesos worth of load, the Payment should be 18 pesos so that you will have 3 pesos TUBO, plus the 0.75 rebates. That's a total of 3.75 or almost 4 pesos TUBO.