This tutorial will show you how to get unlimited Coins and Gems that you can use to quickly level up in playing Big Little Farmer. You can also use the gems to purchase beautiful decorations all for free, no third-party installation needed—just a bug inside the app itself.

This tutorial is not a hack, as I have mentioned already, this is just a bug inside the game. And we can use that bug to get an unlimited supply of coins and gems to create a beautiful and picturesque farm.

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For this tutorial, I will use my Big Little Farm account inside Bluestacks. You can also do this trick for mobile phone users.

Unlimited Gem Hack or Trick

1. Open your Big Little Farm.
2. As you can see in the image below, I just created a new farm. It is Level 2, with 88 coins, and 22 Gems.

3. Now, press the Wrench icon to access Settings.

4. Inside Settings, press Redeem Code.

5. Now, in the input field, type APR2AP and press ENTER or OK.

6. Now, press the ENTER button.

7. Congratulations! You've been rewarded 30 Gems and 200 coins. Press the OK button.

8. You can now recheck your current Coins and Gems count. From 88 my coins are now 288, and from 22, my gems are now 52.

9. The trick, you can also input the other redeem code. See the list of working redeem codes below. After you entered all the codes one-by-one, save your game. After saving, just restart your game and input all the codes again. You will then be able to earn lots of gems for free, no need to buy.
  • APR2AP (redeem code for April 2020)
  • MAR2RM (redeem code for March 2020) 
  • GREBNR (redeem code for August 2020)
  • DABFHE (redeem code for July 2020)
  • GFDERH (redeem code for June 2020)
  • EDMADA (redeem code for May 2020)
For the latest redeem code, you can visit Big Little Farmer official Facebook page.

Now, we will try to have a hundred thousand or even millions of Coins.

Unlimited Coins Hack or Trick

1. Again, open your Big Little Farm. 2. For the tutorial above, my current coins count is 288. Now we will make that coins multiply. No cheating, just a simple bug inside the game also. 3. Press a TREE (any tree). An AXE icon with number 0 will appear.

4. Now, drag the AXE to the tree to cut it. Since you do not have an axe, a message will appear saying, "You don't have an AXE! You can buy them with Gems." But before pressing the "Sart the Action" button, be ready to immediately press the Barn Storage while the axe is cutting the tree. Now press the Start the Action button.

5. After pressing the Barn Storage, you will see there the AXE with the value of one. That is the axe that you bought using 3 gems. Press that AXE.

6. After pressing the axe, you will see the Sell option below. Do not sell it yet, press the + button as long as you want. The higher the number of axes, the more coins you will get after selling it.

7. When you think that you already have the coins that you wanted, you can now press the Sell button.

8. Done! You now have coins for free. You can do this trick as long as you want to earn many coins, an unlimited number of coins.

9. Done!

You can also use the Dynamite as a replacement for AXE to earn an unlimited number of coins.