How to avail this freebie? There are two ways for you to get this 10 GB data and freely watch videos, movies, and live streaming from YouTube, Netflix, iflix, Viu, iWant, VLive, NBA, and ONE Super App.

Note: According to Globe, not all subscribers are entitled to avail the promo. But I am blessed that I got this freebie. So, you can try it for yourself—nothing to lose though.

1. First, you can easily avail the Globe Freebie by typing GETFREEBIE and send it to 8080.

2. The second way is, by installing the GlobeOne Data and Promos app via Google Play and App Store. When done installing, just type all the needed information about yourself as well as your Globe number. Just explore the GlobeOne app, and you will find there a link that will enable you to avail the GOWATCH399, valid for 30 days.

GOWATCH399 Promo Description:
  • valid for 30 days or 1 month
  • if you do not get it for free, you need P399 to avail it
  •  GOWATCH399 includes YouTube, Netflix, iflix, Viu, iWant, VLive, NBA, and ONE Super App
  • 10 GB of data
How to check whether you successfully availed the GOWATCH399 freebie or not?
  • Type GETFREEBIE STATUS and send it to 8080.
  • You can also type DATA BAL and send it to 8080.
If you tried DATA BAL you would receive the following text:
Hi! As of 2020-09-03, 14:42:28, the remaining MB on your active promos are:
DATA: 4.57GB (until 2020-09-15, 08:15:02)
MYFI FREEWATCH: 9.65GB (until 2020-10-02, 07:38:18) For complete tracking of all your promos, go to the GlobeOne App at

If you tried GETFREEBIE STATUS, you would receive the message below:
Hi! As of 2020-09-03, 15:20:23, you have 9.64GB remaining MBs on your GoWATCH399. Your freebie will expire on 2020-10-02, 07:38:18.

So, did you get the free 10 GB of video data or not? If yes, good for you! If not, sorry about that. You can share your experience by commenting below. Thank you!