TeamViewer, Mikogo, Splashtop, Webex, and more will allow you to remote your computer using another computer wherever you are. But for this post, we are going to remote a computer using an android phone. This app is totally free but really works great. See the steps below.

How to access your computer using your mobile phone anywhere, anytime?

1. Download first the following files:
2. Now, install the PhoneMyPC.apk file on your mobile phone. If you downloaded it using your phone, then you can immediately install it after downloading it. If you download it via PC, you need a USB connector, Shareit, or Bluetooth to transfer it to your phone. I will not go into detail about this one.
3. After installing the APK file, go back to your computer and install the PhoneMyPC msi file.
4. After installing, go to search and type phonemypc and press Enter.
5. In the Settings tab > Credentials. Type the username that you want. The same goes for the password and the Computer Name. Press the OK button when done.

6. Now, enable your PC's WIFI and connect your phone to that WIFI.
7. When the connection is successfully established, inside your phone, find and press PhoneMyPC.

8. PhoneMyPC will detect if there is any PC that it can detect. Since this is the first time, it will say:
We found no PCs using the credentials you supplied. Please double-check your User Name and Password, then try again. Just press the Go to Settings button.

9. Press Username. Type the username that you input on your PC. Then, press the OK button.

10. The same goes for your Password. Type the same password that you input in your PhoneMyPC app on your computer, and then press the OK button.

11. To refresh the connection, press the Back button of your phone.
12. Wait for your phone to automatically detect your PC. If all the username and password matched, it will display your PC's name that you typed in your PhoneMyPC on your computer. Press the name of the PC. You can also long press it for features.

13. If you long pressed the name, press the VIEW ONLY.

14. It will try to connect on your PC via WIFI connection.

15. When the connection is established, you can now view your PC inside your mobile phone.

16. Done!

You can also try accessing your PC's camera and many more commands.

Important notes:

  • Ensure your PC is connected to the internet if you want to access it from a different place.
  • Of course, the same thing goes for your mobile phone. Make sure it also has internet connection to be able to connect to the target PC.