Here is a simple way for you to be able to renew your Namecheap domain using GCash AMEX virtual pay card. Note: This process is only available here in the Philippines using GCash. But of course, other users can also explore this tutorial if they already have an American Express card. Without further ado, let's go down to business.

First, you need to register for an AMEX Virtual card inside your GCash account. Make sure your GCash is fully verified to avoid any issues while doing this tutorial. You can follow the tutorial here to get your AMEX-Gcash Virtual Pay card

When you are done, then continue to the steps below.

How to Renew Namecheap using GCash AMEX Virtual Pay

1. Open your Namecheap account. Click your username and then go to Profile.

2. Inside Profile, click Billing.

3. Go find Payments Card under Payment.
4. Click Manage button, and then Add New.
5. In the Add New Card, type all the needed information in the fields. All the details will come from your GCash AMEX Virtual Pay card. Type the exact information that you will see there. 
  • For the Card Number it is the 15-digit number. 
  • For the MM/YY, it is the Card Expiry. 
  • For the CVC, it is the security code. You can request for it by tapping the GET NEW CODE button below your AMEX card inside your GCash account. The code will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • For the Card Name, just put AMEX-card, or any name
  • Leave Use as and None.
  • For Billing Address, First Name, Last Name, just type the same name in your card.
  • For the Address, type the address that you also have in your GCash AMEX card.
Now, click the Save Changes button.

6. Still inside your Namecheap account, go to Dashboard.
7. Find the domain that you want to extend or renew and click the Manage or Renew button.
8. In the Status & Validity, click the ADD YEARS or Renew button.
9. The item will then be added to your cart. Click the Confirm Order button.
10. In the next page, scroll down a bit and find the Payment Details. Click Change.
11. Under Payment Method select Secure Card Payment.
12. In the Card Details, select your AMEX-card. Then click the Continue button.
13. Then click the Pay Now button.
14. Done! A receipt will then appear. The receipt will also going to be sent in your registered email address.