For this tutorial, I will show you how to buy a .com, .net, .org and any other domain names in Namecheap using your GCash AMEX Virtual Pay Card.

But before anything else, make sure you have the following requirements before doing the steps below.
  • Verified GCash account
  • Verified PayPal account. Verified using GCash AMEX Card. For tutorial read here.
  • Namecheap account, Signup here.
Assuming that you met the requirements above, then, you can easily buy a domain name in Namecheap any time you want as long as your GCash has available money. Follow the steps below.

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2. Inside Domain Name Search, type the name of your website and the domain that you want. Example: (listphblog is the name of the website, while .com is the domain name or TLD (top-level domain). Now, press the Search button to continue.
3. If the domain that you search is available, it will checked (see image below). But if not, try searching another domain name that is available. Assuming that your search went through, press the Add to Cart button to continue.

4. Hover your mouse in your Cart with its price > press View Cart.

5. For the next page, just press the Confirm Order to proceed.
6. Now, find Payment Details and press Change to edit.

7. In the Payment Method, select PayPal.

8. Now, press the Continue button to proceed.

9. In Your Subtotal, press the Check out with PayPal button to continue.

10. You will be redirected to the PayPal website. Input your verified PayPal email address that is connected to your GCash AMEX Virtual Pay Card. Then type your password and press the Log In button.

11. As you can see on the image below, since your PayPal and GCash AMEX Card is already connected, it will be the primary option selected for the purchase of your domain name. You will also see there the total amount of your domain purchase. Now, press the Continue button to proceed with the transaction.

12. A message saying: "We're sending you back to Namecheap, Inc to complete this purchase." will be seen. 

13. If you have enough balance, your order will be processed and will be completed successfully. If not, your order will not push through. Assuming that your order is a success, you can now go back to your Namecheap Dashboard.

14. Under Dashboard, find Domain List.

15. And you will see there your newly purchased domain name using your GCash AMEX Virtual Pay Card. You will also see there, the Status, when will your domain going to expire, and the Manage button wherein you can use to redirect your domain to a Blogger BlogSpot or WordPress site.

16. You can also go to your registered email address in Namecheap to check your purchase receipt. It contains your summary of order.

17. Lastly, you can also check your GCash account Transaction History or Activity regarding the domain purchase. But wait, if you just bought your domain today, then, you won't find any transaction regarding the purchase for now. You can check back again tomorrow.

18. Assuming that 1 day had passed by, inside your Transaction History, you will find there: Web Payment. Now press Details.

19. And you will see there same message as below:
GCash AMEX Virtual Card Payment to PAYPAL.
Date & Time: 2021-07-22 21:37:56
Amount: -514.64
Reference Number: 8001773649308

The amount is the value in PHP that PayPal deducted to your GCash account for the purchase of the Namecheap domain.

How much is the cost of a domain purchase in Namecheap using GCash AMEX Virtual Pay Card?

👉 Domain Cost: $9.06 (USD to PHP conversion on July 22, 2021 is PHP50.06)
👉 Domain Cost in PHP: 9.06 x 50.06 = PHP453.5436
👉 GCash AMEX Payment Amount: PHP514.64c
👉 Therefore: 514.64 - 453.5436 = PHP61.0964
👉 The PHP61 either went to GCash or PayPal for the service fee. Or maybe split!