If you are a Satlite user and wanted to know when your registered load SL99 or SL199 will expire, then, you can do it in a very simple steps using the tutorial below.

How to know Satlite Load Balance Expiry?

Before anything else, make sure you have at least P1.00 load to be able to perform this tutorial because inquiring when your load will expire in Satlite is not free at all.

1. In your phone, just text CIGNAL EXP <Your 8-digit Satlite Account Number> and send it to 5353.

Example: CIGNAL EXP 12345678 send to 5353.

2. Wait a message from Satlite. If successful you will see same message as below.

0106 1202: Prepaid load expiry for Account No. 12345678 is successfully retrieved. Prepaid load expiry: Feb 13, 2021 P1/txt. Ref: 363136...

If you still do not know what is your Satlite Account Number, then perform the tutorial below to know how.

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How to know Satlite Account Number?

Note: Make sure you still have at least P1.00 load to do these steps.

1. In your phone type CIGNAL SC <12-digit CCA number found under your Satlite Box> and send it to 5353 also.

Example: CIGNAL SC 123456789012 send to 5353.

2. If successful, you will receive a message same as below:

0106 1205: Account No: 12345678 is successfully retrieved for queried SC No. 02000.... P1/txt. Ref:3631...

3. You can now go back to the tutorial above and inquire when your load will expire.

Additional questions:

1. How much is Satlite load?
Answer: For as low as 99 pesos per month, you can watch up to 21 free-to-air premium channels. You can also load 199 pesos a month to watch up to 31 free-to-air premium channels.

2. What are the main Satlite channels?
Answer: PBA Rush, original Pinoy entertainment in Sari-Sari, Colours, Boomerang, Animax, Pinoy Box Office, and Thrill.

3. How to load your Satlite Box?
Answer: If you are going to load P99, just text SL99 <8-digit Satlite account number> and send it to 3443. Just replace SL99 with SL199 if you want to load 199. Note: Pangretailer SIM CARD lang po itong registration. Di po ito gagana sa normal sim card na Smart, TNT o Sun.