How to Earn P10 Shopee Coins a Month Free

Shopee is leading the way when it comes to e-commerce here in the Philippines. I am a Lazada customer before but now, most of my online purchases are bought from Shopee. The only thing that really sucks is their so-called Shipping Fee which is unlike before, there is no such fee.

For this tutorial, I will show you how you can earn P10.00 worth of Shopee coins for free wherein you can use these coins when you are buying online stuffs or purchasing goods on Shopee. See the simple steps below.

How to earn P10 Shopee Coins a month free

1. First, login your Shopee account.
2. Inside your account, click/tap your username or just hover your mouse. You will see a dropdown menu. Click/tap "My account."

3. Inside your "My account", find and press "My Shopee Coins."

4. Located just below the Cart icon, press "Earn more coins."

5. You will then see there the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 up to Day 7. If this is the first time you are doing this, then you will of course start at Day 1. Just press the button to redeem your Shopee coins.

The table below summarizes what you are going to earn for doing such easy steps daily. Shopee calls this Daily Check-in.

  • 1st day: Day 1 = 0.10
  • 2nd day: Day 2 = 0.10
  • 3rd day: Day 3 = 0.20
  • 4th day: Day 4 = 0.20
  • 5th day: Day 5 = 0.30
  • 6th day: Day 6 = 0.50
  • 7th day: Day 7 = 1.00
  • 8th day: Day 1 = 0.10
  • 9th day: Day 2 = 0.10
  • 10th day: Day 3 = 0.20
  • 11th day: Day 4 = 0.20
  • 12th day: Day 5 = 0.30
  • 13th day: Day 6 = 0.50
  • 14th day: Day 7 = 1.00
  • 15th day: Day 1 = 0.10
  • 16th day: Day 2 = 0.10
  • 17th day: Day 3 = 0.20
  • 18th day: Day 4 = 0.20
  • 19th day: Day 5 = 0.30
  • 20th day: Day 6 = 0.50
  • 21st day: Day 7 = 1.00
  • 22nd day: Day 1 = 0.10
  • 23rd day: Day 2 = 0.10
  • 24th day: Day 3 = 0.20
  • 25th day: Day 4 = 0.20
  • 26th day: Day 5 = 0.30
  • 27th day: Day 6 = 0.50
  • 28th day: Day 7 = 1.00
  • 29th day: Day 1 = 0.10
  • 30th day: Day 2 = 0.10

Total Earnings a month

There are ten .10 which is equal to P1, eight .20 which is equal to P1.6, four .30 = P1.2, also four .5 which is equal to P2, and four 1 which is equal to P4. The total amount is 1+1.6+1.2+2+4 = 9.8 or almost P10. Not that big, but you can easily use these coins to at least get almost P10 discount when purchasing online on Shopee.

How to use Shopee Coins when buying on Shopee?

After pressing the "Checkout" button you are now inside the "Products Ordered" section. You just need to find the "Shopee Coins" and check the box just below the "Select voucher" and your Shopee coins will automatically deduct its total value to your current purchase.

One last important tip!

They say, good things happen to those who waits! Well, in Shopee that is absolutely true. Make sure to use your Shopee coins when there is a "Free Shipping Voucher (Up to ₱55)" available. This way you can maximize all the discounts possible and save more money when purchasing on Shopee. You can always know whether the "Free Shipping" is available by pressing the "Select voucher" during Checkout process before placing your order.

Important reminder!

Always check your redeemed Shopee coins expiry because these coins expires. When you coin expires, it is wasted. How to check your Shopee coins expiry? In your account, just click your "My Shopee Coins," then in the "Coins available" below it, you will see the amount of coins that will expire as well as the date of expiration. See sample image below.

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