Here is the steps for you to be able to register SURFSAYA FB20 which is good for 2 days and worth P20 using TNT USSD code *123#. See the tutorial below.

How to Register TNT Surfsaya FB 20 using *123#?

1. Press Phone icon.
2. Dial *123# and press the Call button.
3. Find Surfsaya in the Meu that will appear. For mine it is number 6. Then type 6 and press Send.
4. Under the Surfsaya Menu, find FB and type its number, then press Send again.
5. Find 100 MB, 2 days , P20. See the number, type it and press Send.
6. In the next menu, just type 1 for Subscribe and press Send.
7. A text confirmation will then be send to your number saying that you have successfully availed or registered the promo.
8. Done!

SURFSAYA FB20 promo details?

  • 100 MB for Facebook data
  • Unlimited calls to Smart, TNT and Sun.
  • Unlimited texts to all networks including Globe and TM.
  • Good for 2 days only
  • To register, you need to use the USSD code *123#.

Analyzing the promo.

  • 100 MB of FB data is not enough for a heavy Facebook user.
  • The only good thing about this promo is the unli calls and texts.