If you are here to see all your GCash transaction history (from your first ever transaction up to the last one), then you are in the right place.

GCash All-time Transactions may include:
  • Transfer of money from GCash to GCash
  • Transfer of money from Western Union to GCash
  • Sending money from GCash to a bank account
  • Buying load
  • Rebate from purchasing or cashing in money on your Gcash
  • Rebate for buying load inside your Gcash
  • GCash AMEX Virtual Card Payment
  • and many other kinds of GCash transactions
To be able to see all your GCash transactions follow the simple steps below.

How to see and download your complete GCash Transaction History from first to last?

1. Open your GCash account.
2. Find and press Transaction History.

3. Inside Transaction History, press the Request Transaction icon. See image below.

4. Inside Request Transactions, press the Select no. of days button.
5. Then select Custom.

6. Now, press Select Start Date

7. To be sure that you will going to get all your transactions from the oldest or first one up to the latest, input the oldest possible date. Like for my example, I selected January 1, 2015. Then press the OK button.

8. Now press the Select End Date. The present date will automatically appear there. Just press the OK button to proceed.

9. You are now ready to request for all of your GCash transactions, press the Confirm button to continue.

10. GCash will then say: Transaction History Request Successful! The file will be sent to your email.

11. Open your email. I got Gmail. See the no-reply@gcash.com with Your GCash Transaction History email. Open the email.

12. Find the Scan and download link to download your transaction_history.pdf file.

13. After downloading, double click your transaction_history.pdf file. The password to open the file is your SURNAME + the last 4 digit of your GCash SIM Card Number. Example: reyes4356. Then, press the Submit button!

14. And there you have it. You can now see all your GCash Transactions. It will also show you all the Transactions' Reference Number, Description, Date, Time, Debit, Credit and Balance. It will also show you your Total Debit as well as your Total Credit.

15. Done!