If you are a freelancer doing mini jobs in Yandex Toloka website, then, the chances are, you are right here because you wanted to know how you can withdraw all your earnings in Toloka to your Paypal account.

Toloka only requires $0.02 earnings and you can immediately withdraw the money inside your Paypal account. Though the processing may time some time to finish. For this post, see the tutorial below to start cashing out your money on Toloka.

How to withdraw Toloka Yandex Earnings/Money to Paypal

1. Inside your Toloka account, press the Profile tab.

2. Now, inside Profile, press the My Money tab.

3. You have different way of payment available there, like Paypal, Skrill, etc. Press Paypal.
4. You will be directed to to Paypal authentication page. Just type your Paypal email and password and then press the Login button.

5. Now, back to your Toloka account, enter the amount that you wanted to withdraw and then press the Withdraw button.

6. A verification code will then be sent to your registered mobile number, type the 4 or 6-digit code and then press the Confirm button.

7. Once, confirmed, your account balance will become zero (0.00) but your money which is currently under review will remain untouched. You will see in the Actions History that your request for payout to Paypal is currently under processing. You will also see there the amount that you wanted to withdraw, as well as the date.
8. Just wait for the processing, and your money will arrive inside your Paypal account in no time. Take note that there is a payment processing fee which is 2%. Meaning, if I withdrawn $1.57, the amount that will arrive inside my Paypal account is only $1.5386.

Additional issues! What if, you can't withdraw your money?

It looks like more time is needed for checking your account. You will be able to withdraw the money later. The verification process can take from one day up to two weeks.

According to Yandex Toloka Support:

All accounts in Ya.Toloka have to undergo automatic check ups. Maximum period of such procedure is about 2 weeks, but usually it goes faster. Unfortunately, the process is automatic, and we can't accelerate it or make an exception for an account.

The possibility of making withdrawal requests will restore by itself - no additional documents are needed.

Please, try to do withdrawal again in a few days.
So, you do not have to worry, just try again in the next following days, since this so-called "automatic check ups" is "automatic."


After requesting a payout yesterday Yandex Toloka just emailed me the following:

Your withdrawal request was successfully processed
Hello Tam, Your request to withdraw USD 6 has been processed successfully. The money was transferred to your PayPal account. The date when it will be available depends on the payment system. The Toloka team

 Since this is also my first Payout, Toloka gave me an award.

Lastly, after signing in my Paypal account, the money is already there. See the screenshot below.

Watch the video below for more info about Toloka Yandex.