First thing first, before you start linking your PayPal account inside your GCash account, read first all the requirements so that you are not going to waste your time by following the primary steps and at the end, you will not able to continue because you do not met some of the important requirements.

GCash Requirements:
  • Your GCash account must be verified. That's it.
PayPal Requirements:
  • Your PayPal account must also be verified.
  • Your PayPal account mobile phone number is also active (not blocked, not lost).
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If these two requirements are fully met, then continue to the tutorial below. Just follow the simple steps.

How to Link Paypal to GCash?

1. Login your GCash account. Inside your GCash, press the 3 lines located in the upper left corner of your screen.

2. Now, press the My Linked Accounts.

3. Find and press Paypal.
4. Type your PayPal account email address. Take note! Your PayPal account email address. And press the Link button below.

5. In the next page, just click the orange Authorize button to continue.

6. Now, again, type your PayPal email address and press the Next button.

7. Now, type your PayPal password, and then press the Log in button.

8. The app will display a Quick security check just confirm it is really you who is linking your PayPal to your GCash. It ill send a text message containing a security code to your registered mobile phone number in PayPal. Just press the Next button to continue.

9. Assuming that you already received the code, type the it and press the Continue button.

10. If the code is correct, then the linking process is confirmed. You will be redirected just wait for a few seconds.

11. A message saying: Thank you for linking your account. will be seen. Just press the Close and Continue button to proceed.

12. In the last step. It is just another confirmation message about the successful linking of your PayPal to GCash. The message follows:

PayPal Account Linking Complete!
Your PayPal account with email has been successfully linked to your GCash wallet with mobile number 09106653452.

Just tap the X button to continue. And, done!

Benefits of linking your PayPal account to your GCash account.
  • If you are a blogger, a online worker, video blogger (vlogger), or anybody who accepts online salary or payments using PayPal, you can now directly withdraw your PayPal money inside your GCash account. Though there is a fee for the withdrawal process, it is just a minimum amount PayPal takes for its good service.