If you want to send your PayPal money (or earnings inside your Paypal wallet account) to your GCash, then you first need to convert it to Philippine Peso or PHP. GCash won't accept US dollars or other denomination, so this process of conversion is a must. Good thing, in this tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to be done using your mobile or your laptop/pc.

Just some reminders, make sure to convert your money from USD to PHP, when the conversion rate is higher. And also, PayPal may incur some fees for the conversion process which is not that big. We all know, that not all things or services are free when in comes on the internet. Well, then, see the step-by-step tutorial below.

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How to Convert US dollars to Philippine Peso in PayPal for GCash cash transfer

1. Go to PayPal and login your wallet account. Inside PayPal, find Menu and press it.

2. Press Wallet.

3. Press your PayPal Available Balance. See image below.

4. If it is in USD, find the 3 dots near it (see image below) and press it.

5. In the menu that will appear, press Convert currency.

6. Select Philippine Peso. And then press the Next button.

7. PayPal will then show you the Conversion amount from USD to PHP. Just press the Next button to continue.

8. In the Review and convert, you will see the exact amount your money will be converted in Philippine Peso.

9. Just press the Convert Now button to start converting your money from USD to PHP.

10. A message saying You converted $xx.xx USD to Pxxx.xx PHP will be seen. Press the Done button to exit.

11. And, that's it. You had successfully converted your PayPal money from USD to PHP. You can now transfer it directly inside your GCash wallet account.