If you want to withdraw or cash in/transfer your money from your PayPal account, then, you are in the right place. But before anything else, make sure you meet the following requirements to be able to do this tutorial smoothly and without any interruptions.

What are the Requirements to be able to withdraw your PayPal money to GCash wallet?

  1. Make sure your GCash is fully verified.
  2. Make sure your PayPal account is also verified.
  3. Make sure your name in your PayPal account matches the name in your GCash account, otherwise, don't continue anymore.
  4. Make sure your current PayPal balance or money is P500 or more.
  5. Make sure you already converted your PayPal balance to Philippine Peso or PHP. If not, then follow the tutorial here in How to convert USD or any denomination in PayPal to PHP.
  6. And last, make sure you already linked your PayPal account to your GCash account. If not, then follow the tutorial here in How to link your PayPal to GCash.
Assuming that you already met the requirements above, then you can easily do the tutorial below. You can call it withdraw, or cash in, or whatever you like. The good thing is, you will now, be also to get your money out of PayPal and put it inside your GCash account.

How to transfer money from PayPal to GCash

1. Inside your GCash account, press Cash In.

2. Wait for a moment until your linked PayPal account logo appears under the My Linked Accounts. When the PayPal logo appears, press it.

You can also access your linked PayPal account inside your GCash by going to Global Partners and Remittance.

3. Now, inside PayPal to GCash, you will see there the exact amount that you converted earlier inside your PayPal account. Since your PayPal is already linked in your GCash, the converted amount will automatically appear inside your GCash account. in the php field, type the exact amount that you want to withdraw. (As noted above, the withdrawal minimum amount is P500, if not, then, you will not be able to withdraw). Whatever you see in My Available Balance, you can just type the same amount. And then, press the Next button.

4. GCash will then say: You are about to cash in php <amount>. Just press the Confirm button to continue.

5. After that a message from GCash saying:

Your Cash-In is being processed.
Kindly wait up to 24 hours for your transaction to complete. You will receive an SMS as soon as your transaction has been completed.
But, based on my personal experiences of withdrawing or cashing in, this process is instant. So, for a few seconds, your money will be inside your GCash account already. Just press the X button to exit.

6. And after a while, your GCash balance is now updated, and the money that you cashed in from PayPal is now added to your previous balance.

7. Done!