For this tutorial, we will going to know whether our mobile phone is OTG ready or capable of reading an OTG USB flash drive. Without further ado, lets start the tutorial.

How to check if your android phone is OTG Ready or Capable

1. Inside your mobile phone, find and press Play Store icon.

2. In the search field, type usb otg checker. A preview of the result will be seen. Press the first one. See image below.

3. You are automatically redirected to the USB OTG Checker ✔ - IS your device compatible OTG? Just press the Install button to continue.

4. If the Want to link your PayPal account (other payment option) appears, just press the No thanks button.

5. In the next page, just press the Skip button to proceed.

6. Now, the OTG checker app download will start.

7. After downloading, it will also Install automatically. Just wait for the installation to finish

8. When done, press the Open button to continue.

9. Inside the USB OTG Checker app, you will see there a big green check and ANDROID COMPATIBLE USB OTG message if your mobile phone is OTG capable or ready. To verify, just press the Details button.
10. And you will then see the details as seen on the image below.
11. Done!