WordPress is one of the most popular CMS other than Joomla. Though I am more comfortable using Joomla, I also tried and tested WordPress by installing and running it online using a free web hosting service with CPanel access like AwardSpace and Mipropia.

For this tutorial, you need to have first the following requirements to be able to have your WordPress website up and running in a free host.
  • WordPress installer. You can download the ZIP file here. After downloading, extract the file.
  • A free web hosting. For this tutorial, I used Mipropia. Just register using your valid email address, confirm the registration using your email. Sometimes, you will find it in the Spam/Junk folder. You can also find there your username and password to access your account and CPanel.
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How to install/run WordPress Online with FREE Web Hosting

Getting a Free Web Hosting in Mipropia for WordPress Installation.

1. First, you need to sign up for a free web hosting account. For this tutorial, I used Mipropia. For the:
  • User subdomain, type any name that you want
  • Password - your password that you want
  • Email address - a valid one
  • Site language - English (if you prefer to use English)
  • Security code - given security code
Check the I agree button and press it to continue.

2. Open your email address and find the email with Hosting Activation from Mipropia. Do not worry, Mipropia itself is not a Spam website. Commonly, free web hosting are used by bad users for hosting phishing site that is why you will find the email in the Spam or Junk folder. When you find it there, just press the activation link.

3. Your account will now then be created.

4. After a while, go back in your email and find the email again with the Hosting Activation. 

5. Open the email and you will find there your username and password. Get these info and you will use this in the next step.

6. Now login on your account using the username and password. When the "I Approve" and "I Disapprove" buttons appear, just press the I Approve button to proceed.

Uploading the WordPress Installation folder in the free web host's htdocs (also public_html or root folder).

1. Assuming you already login on your Mipropia account, find and press Online File Manager. If CPanel password and username is required, just type in the username and password emailed to you by Mipropia.

2. Inside File Manager, press htdocs.
3. Inside htdocs, find and press the Upload icon and then press Upload Folder. See image below.

4. Now, find your extracted wordpress folder. Select the folder and press the Upload button.

5. In the message that will appear, just press the Upload button to continue.

6. Wait for the File Transfer to finish. It might take some time.
Creating MySQL Database and table in the phpMyAdmin.

1. After finishing the File Transfer, go back to your CPanel. Find the Databases section and press MySQL Databases.

2. In the Create New Database > New Database > type any name that you like for your wordpress installation. For example, I typed wordpressinstall. Then press the Create Database button to continue.

3. In the Current Databases, you find there your MySQL DB (database) Name, MySQL User Name, MySQL Password, MySQL Host Name. Copy of these information in a Notepad and you will these later during the WordPress installation. Now, press the blue Admin button.

4. In Create table > Name > type any name that you wanted and press Go.

5. A big table will then appear. Don't worry. You only need to input the 2 fields in the first row. For the: 
  • Name - just type any name that you wanted.
  • Type - leave it
  • Length/Values - leave it
  • Default - leave it
  • Collation - select utf8_unicode_ci
  • And all the rest fields - just leave them.
Now, press the Save button to proceed.

WordPress Installation in free web host step-by-step procedure.

1. Go back to your CPanel and find Account Details > Main Domain. Get the main domain URL and type it in the address bar of your internet browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. After typing the URL, press the ENTER button to proceed.

URL typed in the address bar of Google Chrome.

2. In the WordPress Installation language page, you will see there languages, select English (United States), and then press Continue.

3. Now press the Let's go! button.

4. Remember all the info you copied and pasted in a Notepad in the STEP 3 of "Creating MySQL Database and table in the phpMyAdmin."? You are going to input that info in the given fields:
  • Database Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Database Host
  • Table Prefix is wp_
See sample image below. When done, press the Submit button.

5. If all goes right, then the "All right, sparky! You've made it through this part of installation. WordPress can now communicate with your database. If you are ready, time now to..." will appear. If not, then, you need to double check whether you typed in all the needed info correctly. Assuming that, you made it through, press the Run the installation button to proceed.

6. In the Welcome page, just type all the needed info. Do not forget the username and password for this one because you will use it to access your WordPress admin page later. Now, press the Install WordPress button to continue.

7. The Success! message will then appear after a successful installation of your WordPress website into a free web hosting. Your Username and Chosen password will then be seen. Now press the Login button to access the WordPress Administrator login page.

Accessing your WordPress Administrator page.

1. Now, enter your username and password and press the Log In button to proceed.

Changing the Theme of your WordPress website.

1. Inside your WordPress Admin page, find Appearance > Themes.

2. Select any Theme that attracts you and press the Activate button to replace your current theme.

Viewing your newly created WordPress website installed using free web hosting.

1. In the top of the page of your WordPress admin, you will see there the name of your website. Hover your mouse there and then press the Visit Site link.

2. And there you have it! Your newly installed WordPress website.

To see live sample of WordPress site created using this tutorial visit this page:
To see live sample of WordPress admin page created using this tutorial, visit this page:
  • Since you are only using a free web hosting, do not expect for your WordPress website to lasts long. It might be taken down by the free web hosting provider without any notice.
  • So make sure, you buy even cheap free web hosting from Namecheap, or even in BlueHost.