For this post, we will be buying GPINOY LOAD 99 using our Shopee app. We will be using our ShopeePay to purchase the load which is only worth P89 and load our GPinoy box. No need to go town or nearest store at all, you can do it by yourself.

But make sure, your ShopeePay is also having funds or money. If there is none, then, you can consider adding funds inside it using your GCash account. You can follow the tutorial here: How to Top-up ShopeePay using GCash Wallet. There are also other ways to top up your ShopeePay and if GCash is not available to you, then, you can try the other options too. 

Now, assuming that your ShopeePay is having at least P89.00 funds, continue doing the tutorial below.

Table of Contents:
☑ Opening Shopee app
☑ Accessing TV Cable page
☑ Selecting GPINOY
☑ Selecting GPINOY 99
☑ Selecting ShopeePay as payment option
☑ Entering the ShopeePay 6-digit PIN
☑ Viewing Order Details.
☑ Copying the 6-digit PIN
☑ Opening the GPINOY Loading web portal
☑ Opening the GPINOY subscription page

How to load GPinoy 99 using ShopeePay only P89 for 30days

👉 Open your Shopee app. Find and press TV Cable.

👉 Inside TV Cable, select GPinoy.

👉 Next, make sure the Prepaid tab is selected. If you have vouchers available claim it to get more discounts. Under Flash Deals, select 99 Pay P89.00.

👉 Under Checkout, just ignore the Some payment channel(s) are not supported for this product. You will also see there the Biller which is GPINOY. The product name or the GPinoy product you are purchasing for your box. The top up amount which is P99.00. The price that is only P89.00. Make sure you select ShopeePay for Payment option. Press the Pay Now button to continue.

👉 In the Pay By ShopeePay, you will be asked to enter or type your ShopeePay 6-digit code or PIN. Just type the PIN to continue.

👉 In the Payment Successful section, you will see thee the message saying: "Your order will be processed shortly." You will also see there information like you already seen in the steps above. Just press the View Order Details to continue.

👉 Now, under the Order Details, you will see there the Voucher Code: PIN 1234567890123456 and the COPY buttonThe 6-digit PIN is the ePIN that you needed for your GPinoy box load subscription. Just copy the 16-digit PIN.

👉 Open your internet browser and visit the the GSAT/GPINOY loading portal. Click/tap here. Just tick or check the I'm not a robot challenge. Enter your BOX NUMBER and paste the 16-digit PIN you copied from Shopee. Press the Submit button to proceed. Tip: You can find your Box Number under your box.

👉 You will then see a message saying that your 16-digit PIN will be loaded to your Box number.

👉 Now, visit the Check GPinoy Subscription page here. Again, just check the I'm not a robot challenge. And then enter or type your Box Number. Then, press the Submit button to continue.

👉 And you will all the information regarding your GPINOY subscription status from the latest to the oldest one. You will also see there your Box Serial Number, start and end of your subscription and the date of transaction. All the other subscription or GPINOY load that you already registered and expired will also be seen there. Done!

Analyzing the GPinoy 99 which is only P89 as of August 2021:
☑ The promo is worth P89 and valid for 30 days. Meaning, you are consuming P2.97 daily while subscribed or registered to the promo.
☑ The GPINOY Load 99 is also available inside GCash, but it is worth exactly P99. So, you better purchase the load using Shopee's ShopeePay. In this time of pandemic, the P10 is very precious.