For this post I will show you how to easily avail or get your DepEd SIM Card or the so called Teachers Connectivity Load SIM Card. The SIM Card has a whopping 34 GB monthly data allowance. See the steps below to start.

Table of Contents:
☑ Visiting the Teachers Connectivity Load Registration website
☑ Fill up the Personal Details
☑ Select SIM card pick-up date
☑ Answering COVID-19 survey
☑ Important Reminders
☑ Privacy Disclaimer
☑ Successful registration message

How to register for DepEd Teachers Connectivity Load SIM Card

👉 Visit the official website of Teachers Connectivity Load Registration, click here.
👉 For Step 1 of 5. Just fill up all the needed Personal Details fields. Your Employee Number, Full Name, DepEd Field Operations, Phone Number, Gender, Date of Birth, Home Address, Work & Personal emails, etc. When done, press the NEXT button to proceed.

👉 For the Step 2 of 5. It is all about the Pick up Schedule for your requested Sim Card from DepEd. Just set the date that you want, and the SIM Card Pick-up Time. Press the NEXT button to continue.

👉 For Step 3 of 5, it is all about COVID-19 Hearth Care Survey. Just answer the questions honestly. When done, press the NEXT button to continue.

👉 For Step 4 of 5, it is all about important reminders when claiming your DepEd Sim Card. You need to bring 2 valid IDs (1 DepEd, 1 Government), a ballpen, screenshot of your QR Code. For the duration when will the DepEd Sim Card be available for pickup in accordance to your selected Pick-up Schedule done in the step above, you just need to remember it after doing the registration so that you will know when to go to your respected or designated school to pick-up the DepEd Sim Card. Press the NEXT button to continue.

👉 For Step 5 of 5, it is only about Privacy Disclaimer. Just check the box and press the Submit button to proceed.

👉 The last page will then show the following message with your unique QR Code located at the bottom:
Thank you for submitting the form, [Your Name is Here].
Save your unique QR Code below for Teachers Connectivity Load Registration with DepEd. Please present it to the ICT Coordinator/ITO representative to claim your SIM Card on [Date to Claim the SIM Card].
Sim Card Issuance Process
1. Proceed to your respective School on pick-up date (Note: Please bring two valid IDs: DepED ID and other Gov't ID).
2. Present QR Code screenshot along with 2 valid IDs to School ICT Coordinator for information validation.
3. After validation, proceed to the School Property Custodian desk for issuance.
4. Finally, claim your Sim Card.
5. Note your SIM card number and affix your signature in the School Property Custodian Monitoring Report.
👉 Done!

Important Notes:
☑ The SIM card is only for public school teachers as of now
☑ The SIM card is not for sale.
☑ The QR code in this post is just a copied QR code and is not related to the actual QR code produced by the Teachers Connectivity Load SIM Card official website.