If you want to load Go50 promo using your PayMaya account, just follow the tutorial below. The promo will give you 5 GB worth of data which is good for 3 days. And that data is extendable up to 15 days if you want. And that's make your purchase more sulit and cheaper. Go50 is worth P50 and extending it is worth P34. That is only P84 already good for 15 days or half month.

Table of Contents:
☑ Open PayMaya account
☑ Press Load
☑ Press Globe
☑ Press Go50
☑ Enter number of the load recipient
☑ Slide to pay/confirm purchase

How to load/register Go50 using PayMaya

👉 Login your GCash account. Inside, find and press Load.

👉 Under Shop, find and press Globe.

👉 Scroll down a bit, find and press Go50, 5% cashback voucher, 5GB data for all sites + Unli texts to all networks + 1GB GoWifi valid for 3 days...

👉 Inside Buy, type the Recipient Mobile number, and press the Next button to proceed.

👉 In the Confirm Purchase, you will see there the promo name you are purchasing which is Go50, the amount to be deducted in your PayMaya account which is P50, the phone number that will receive the Go50 promo, message which contains your name. Just slide the arrow button from left to right to confirm purchase.

👉 Done!

What you will get on loading Go50?
✅ 5 GB data (you can use to access any website or app)
✅ Unlimited text to all networks
✅ 1GB GoWifi Access
✅ 1 Globe Rewards point
✅ 5% cashback voucher from PayMaya

Promo Validity
✅ 3 days only
✅ You can extend the promo up to 15 days. Just load another P34. After loading, type GOSURFBE34 and send it to 8080.

Add on data?
✅ Just load another P15. Type GOBOOST15 and send it to 8080. You will get another 1 GB data. But take note, the data is only valid for 1 day.

How check data usage and promo expiration and validity?
✅ Just type DATA BAL (lower case may also do) and send it to 8080. You will receive a SMS regarding your remaining data, and promo expiration.