When you are posting comments on the official Facebook or Twitter page of GCash, this is the time that a scammer will try to message you directly. By just clicking your name, the scammers can immediately access your profile and message you. For this post, I gathered some of the common Facebook and Twitter account names of these scammers below.

Beware of GCash Clone, Help Center Care Fake Facebook/Twitter Accounts

GCash Facebook & Twitter Fake/Clone accounts:

⛔ GCash Help Center
⛔ GCash Help Center Care
⛔ GCash Help Centre
⛔ GCash Help Centres
⛔ GCash Help
⛔ GCash Help Center Costumer Service
⛔ GCash Centre
⛔ GCash HelpCentre
⛔ GCash HelpCenter
⛔ GCash (without the Verified blue check)

Note: All of the listed names above are fake do not fall victim to these scambugs.

👉 Most of the time, they will message you directly on your Facebook account saying:

Hello, We received your concern regarding GCash app. Do you still need our Help?

👉 Sometimes the scammers will message you like this one:
Hi! We know how important your concern is and we want to urgently get back to you. Best if you can provide the below details so we can immediately view your request and provide you the much needed assistance.

👉 They will ask for your Complete Name, GCash Mobile Number, Birthdate, and Concern. To make you think that they are legit, they will also tell you that give them time to review the details that you have sent to them, while in fact, they are just already trying to access your GCash account using the phone number that you sent to them by answering the questions that they gave you. Suddenly, a text message will be received by your registered GCash mobile number. The scammer will try to message you by asking for the code. Take note, GCash already stated that they will never, ever ask for that code.

👉 Here is the complete message of the photos above from GCash fake accounts.
👉 As the GCash Customer Advisory states:

Be careful of individuals posing as GCash representatives to help you with your account.

If you receive messages via social media asking for your MPIN and your One-Time Password, PLEASE IGNORE. Do not provide your GCash account details to anyone. GCash will NEVER ask for these information.

Providing your personal details may lead to unauthorized access to your GCash wallet, including the theft of your wallet's funds and unauthorized transactions. GCash will not be liable for any loss incurred under the said circumstances.

We urge our customers to be mindful of these schemes at all times to protect their GCash accounts.

Why I am sharing this? Because my GCash account was almost accessed these scammers before. Thank God, that before I was able send the OTP code, I came back to my senses and was able to think that the one I am chatting with was a scammer. Sadly, I was able to give them my other important details.

Well, what's done is done! At least they never get any cents from me. The lesson here for me, is that, do not use Facebook when you are frustrated or thinking so many bad and anxious things. The scammers already knew that you are desperate to get help from GCash. This is the time that they will take their chances on you.

The bad thing about the Official GCash Support is that, they will reply or take actions to your ticket or problem not instantly. You need to wait for a very long time before they act regarding your problem. Some times you will think that they are just ignoring your ticket because you submitted it on Monday, and it is already Sunday, still, they are not replying or doing anything. This is the time that you will be frustrated. What you will do now, is go to the official GCash Facebook page. You will comment there your concern with your ticket number. And like I said before, this is the time the scammers will see your name and will message you and try to trick you.

Always be smart guys! Stay safe. Our money is hard-earned. So please, take good care of it. God bless!