Receiving Google Adsense Payment before directly inside your GCash account was possible using Western Union. But, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, WU is gone and the only fastest way to receive Adsense payment here in the Philippines is via Wire Transfer which is absolutely expensive. My monthly earnings is deducted with the amount of P700 to P800. I am currently using Metrobank to withdraw my money from Adsense.

Due to the frustration of these high bank fees, I tried to search for another way to receive my Google earnings using Wire Transfer but not using Metrobank.

How to Receive Google Adsense Payment using GCash

👉 I googled and saw that GCash has a Bank name and SWIFT code which are the primary details required for a Wire Transfer. As you can below, inside my Adsense account I added a new Payment method using my GCash account.

Name on Bank account: my name on my GCash account
Account number: my registered mobile number in GCash

👉 The payment method is already saved inside my Adsense account but not as PRIMARY. I am still hesitant to make it my primary one because I am not sure whether it will work or not. So, I emailed GCash Support and asked:
Hi is GLOBE XCHANGE, INC. (GCASH) with the Swift Code of GXCHPHM2 can
be used to receive money Wired Transfer from abroad (or specifically
from Google Adsense). Since there is a swift code I just add it on my
Google Adsense account as a way to receive my payment. I used my
registered Mobile Number as the Account Number. Hope, you can answer
my question. Please see the screenshot below.

Best regards!
👉 Unfortunately, after 9 days of waiting for their answer, here is the agent answer:
Thank you for waiting for our response. Regarding your concern, you can receive wired transfer to your GCash account. Make sure that your GCash is properly linked to the merchant. I hope this message was helpful. If error still persists, please don't hesitate to reply to this email.

👉 After the reply from them, I am now sure that it is not possible for GCash to directly receive money from Google Adsense. When I checked the available banks and other merchants that can be linked with GCash, the only available are the following:

☑ Payoneer
☑ Paypal
☑ Unionbank
☑ American Express
☑ Gcash Mastercard

I do not even know how Google Adsense sends me my money. Wire Transfer is a little too broad topic. For now, I will stick to my current bank which is Metrobank because there is no other choice. I want to switch to Unionbank but there is no available Unionbank here in our place as of now.