Last January 12, 2022, I went to the nearest LTO branch here in my place to renew my expiring Non-Professional Driver's License. My license is going to expire last February 2022. But after going to medical exam which costs P450. And submitting all the needed documents on the LTO office, I wasn't able to renew my driver's license due to the so-called "double record."

Can't Renew my LTO Driver's License due to Double Record LTO Portal

LTO now has the LTO Portal. You can create an account there and all your records will be put inside your account.

Last year, I renewed my vehicle and after a successful renewal in the LTO office, they gave me a paper. It contains the LTO Portal account that they already created. All I need to do is to activate it.

When I am already home, I activated the account. But sadly, the pre-made account contains an error. The birthday that I have there was incorrect.

So I decided to create my own LTO portal account with the correct details. And there comes the double record of account.

As of now (February 19, 2022) my driver's license is already expired. And still, it is not renewed. The LTO office already said that they will just text me when my other account with the incorrect detail is already deleted in the main office.

I already went to the LTO office twice but to no avail. I tried contacting their phone number, but no one answers. The phone is just ringing.

Their Contact Us page is also useless. I already tried to email them multiple times but no one is answering.

Although, the Driver's License which is expiring this month of February 2022 is extended by two months, still, I feel nervous when there is checkpoint. And my Medical Certificate is also only valid for 2 months, though, it is also extended by 2 months, still, I am thinking that when will this LTO office going to text or call me to pursue the process of renewing my expired Driver's License.

Sadly, I am only a normal citizen and they are the one who are in authority. Sometimes, you are just doing what is right, but you can't do it because the one who is in position is doing their part very slowly. And sometimes, doing nothing at all.

LTO office is far from my home and like I said, I already went to their office twice. The abala, gasolina, and oras, and pasensya is okay but, doing it multiple times will really make you angry.

The double record is not my mistake. I just created a new account because the one that they created contains an incorrect detail of my birthday.

As of now, I am still waiting and waiting for their text or call. And hoping that they call or text me before the 2-month extension of my driver's license is already gone.

Update as of March 10, 2022: After almost 2 months of waiting, LTO texted me and they said that I can pursue my renewal of expired Driver's License.