Smart Rocket SIM unlidata 499 promo is already gone. But some are still using it. Your next option now is to use the new one which is the unlidata 599. And the expensive one which is the Fam 999. Both promos will work smoothly on mobile phones but not on openline prepaid WIFIs like Globe at Home, PLDT D2K, Smart Bro Prepaid Home WIFI, and etc.

To be able to bypass this blocking, see the tutorial below that you must to do.

Smart Rocket SIM Unlidata 599 promo no internet on Prepaid WIFI, phone only

TRICK #1: Unlidata 599 + Magic Data 99

👉 If your unlidata is expired already, avail first the unlidata 599 promo.

👉 One you availed it already, you need to also avail the Magic Data 99 promo.

👉 Once you are both registered to unlidata 599 and 99 promos, your internet will now work when you used it on your prepaid WIFI.

👉 Done!

But using Unlidata 599 and Magic Data 99 will cost you 799 pesos which is almost 800 a month. But do not worry because the Magic Data 99 do not expires unless you consumed it all.

TRICK #2: Changing the IMEI of your Prepaid WIFI

👉 For the tutorial, just search YouTube. There are so many free ways on changing your prepaid WIFIs IMEI there. And it is already very easy to do.

Note: The one that I am currently using now is trick # 2 because I do not want to avail the Magic 99 data which costs 99 pesos.