Changing IMEI to bypass Smart, TNT sim No Internet Connection problem is too easy to do. Just follow the steps below.

Supported ZLT S10g versions are:
✅ ZLT S10g 2.10.1
✅ ZLT S10g 2.00
✅ ZLT S10g 2.03.3
✅ ZLT S10g 2.06.1

✅ Make sure your device has a signal and internet connection.
VPN for android phone (optional - only needed if you cannot access the link for changing IMEI)
VPN for pc/laptop users (optional - only needed if you cannot access the link for changing IMEI)
Chrome browser for android users
Chrome for pc/laptop users
✅ Default Globe at Home sim card, or Globe, TM, Gomo sim (just pick one)

Change IMEI ZLT S10g 2.10.1 / 2.00 / 2.03.3 / 2.06.1 free

1. Using your phone or laptop/pc open Chrome.

2. In the address bar type and login. Username is user. Password is @l03e1t3.

3. Open new tab and visit Jerome Laliag ZLT IMEI changer website here. If you cannot access the page then, you need to install a free VPN. See tutorial here.

4. Assuming that you accessed the given link above. You will see the image below.
5. For this tutorial I will be changing ZLT S10g version 2.10.1 IMEI so I will be using the "For ZLT Version 2.10.1" For free list of IMEI visit here.

6. Type the 15-digit IMEI in the input field and press the Submit button.

7. Just ignore the message that will appear and press the Send anyway button to proceed.

8. You will see this symbol } curly brace after clicking the Send anyway button.

9. You will be logout inside your user account. Just login again as user. Go to System Settings > Restore to Factory Setting > Reset Factory Settings > YES.

10. After reset factory settings, you will now see that your IMEI is a new one.

11. Done!

Note: The same steps apply for other older ZLT S10g versions like the 2.00, 2.03.3 and 2.06.1

IF you have some questions please comment them below. Thanks!