I do not own this fix or patch. This is from v2ray of PHcorner forum. You can search him on the said forum. This tutorial is a patch/tool for d2k v2159 with no signal AFTER CHANGING THE IMEI. It will also enable your device to have unlimited reboot.

Requirements to be able to install this patch for your D2K-FT10 2159:
✅ FT10 D2k V 2159 must be openline
✅ Your device must have internet connection and signal
✅ IMEI to be used
✅ Disable updates first of your device

Note: This tutorial is proven and tested to be working with v2159 + globe at home sim.

[FIX] D2K-FT10 2159 with no Signal, Connection after changing IMEI

✅ Check first if updates is already disabled or not because this tutorial is just a waste of time if you don't disable the updates first.

✅ Make sure your modem/device has a decent internet connection also.

✅ Run telnet/ssh in your modem

✅ In the shell/prompt run the following

curl -o /tmp/icanhasinstall https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FourbitColor/icanhasinternet/main/icanhasinstall -k

chmod +wrx /tmp/icanhasinstall

✅ Just wait for some time after the installation finishes. A done message will be seen if the process if finished already.

✅ When done, reboot your modem.

✅ After reboot change your IMEI. Use superadmin account. Go to> Settings > Network > command shell. Run the command below:
at%gimei="YOUR IMEI"
Change YOUR IMEI with your new one.

✅ When done, reboot your modem again.

Important: Do not factory reset or else, the patch will be gone.

✅ Now open telnet for your modem and run the command below:
curl -o /tmp/icanhasremover https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FourbitColor/icanhasinternet/main/icanhasremover -k

chmod +wrx /tmp/icanhasremover

✅ Done! Although the D2k will connect after this patch/bypass, some of its functionally will not work as listed below:
- the SMS functionality will no longer work. SMS only works on the default IMEI (for now)
- the PCI scanning doesn't work.

Note: If you can not still connect to the internet but there is already network or signal see the fix below.

>>> Check your APN, make sure it is set to ipv4. It might be set to ipv6 which is a bug. <<<