If you cannot uninstall your PDFlite and always says Please close your web browser to continue and doing so will still not allow you to uninstall it, then, you need to use an uninstaller tool.

You can download and install the Uninstall Tool here:

FIX: PDFlite - Please close your web browser to continue. Cannot uninstall

✅After installing the Uninstall Tool, make sure to activate it. The activation file is also inside the file that you downloaded. And please do not update the program.

✅Now, open Uninstall Tool 3.5.10.

✅Inside Uninstall Tool Program Name, find PDFlite and right-click on it. And then press Force Removal.

✅ A message saying "Are you sure you want to perform force removal of this program?" will appear. Just press YES to proceed.

✅ The Uninstall Tool will detect all the program traces including traces from File system and Registry and will remove it all. It is an absolutely complete removal or uninstall. Just press the Finish button to continue.

✅ When done, it will say "All Traces Removed" and PDFlite has been successfully removed.

✅ You can also double check the Control Panel and see if PDFlite is really gone for good or still there.

✅ Done!