Can you read your Facebook chats or messages without being seen by the sender? Yes! You can do this very easily. A conversion always needs answer, so, if someone talked to you and you hear it, you better have some answers with regards to what he or she is saying, or else, he might get annoyed if you stayed silent.

Same thing with the Facebook chats or direct messages, if someone chatted you using his or her messenger, you need to answer. But, what if you just want to read the chat (out of curiosity) and do not want to answer it at all, but, you do not want the sender or your friend to know that you already

read her/his chat? That's the thing that I will teach you how to do for this tutorial. See steps below.

Here are the easy steps to be able to read Facebook Messages or chats without being seen by the sender or your friends.

Using your mobile phone (use Facebook Messenger Lite to be able to perform the trick).

✅ Open your Facebook Messenger Lite. As you can see on the image below, I have one unread chat that I wanted to read without being seen.

selecting facebook unread and unseen message

✅ Now, long-press the message that you wanted to read. A menu will appear, press Archive conversation.

long-press the unseen message to see menu and archive the conversation

✅ Press OK in the confirm archiving the message.

confirm the archiving of the Facebook message

✅ Now press the two people icon near the chat icon.

select friends icon

Search for the name of the sender that you just archive the conversation. In the suggested results, press the same sender.

searching the name of the friend of the archive message

✅ And there you have it! You have successfully opened a chat message without being seen. You can read the chat as long as you want, and you will not be seen by the sender that you already read it.

opening and reading the facebook message without being seen

For laptop or pc users, you can use any internet browsers. For this tutorial, I will be using Google Chrome.

✅ Open your Facebook account. Press the Chat icon and hover your mouse pointer the unread chat that you wanted to read without being seen. A circle button will appear, it has three dots. Press that button.

open messenger and click hidden menu

✅ In the menu that will appear, press Archive chat.

archiving the chat from the friend

✅ Now, press See all in messenger. You will be redirected to the Messenger page.

seeing all the messages inside the messenger

✅ Inside Chats, press the 3 dots (see image below) and then press Archived chats.

accessing the archived chats

✅ Inside Archived chats, you will see there the conversion that you archived earlier. Click to open it.

clicking the archived chat from the friend

✅ And boom! You have successfully opened and read a chat from your friend without being seen.

read and opened the archived chat without being seen

✅ Done!

If you have a question, leave a comment below. Cheers!