Discharge or send out, to cause something to drop out or be removed, usually mechanically - that's ejecting according to Google. And it is very important to properly eject your USB flash drive from your laptop or pc or even from your android device. Doing so, will prevent your device from getting unusable or errors. Both situation might lead to data loss. And you you do not want that.

Ejecting USB device from laptop or pc is too easy to but, when it comes to mobile devices it is a

different process. For this tutorial, I will show you 3 ways to eject your USB flash drive connected from your android phone.

Here are the steps to be able to eject your connected USB flash drive from android phone

Process 1

Swipe down to view your hidden top menu. It will show the Settings of your currently connected USB flash drive. Just press EJECT to disconnect it from your android phone. Done!

eject usb flash drive from hidden menu settings

Process 2

✅ Go to android Settings.

android settings

✅ Inside Settings, press Storage.

android storage

✅ Inside Storage, you will your storage devices. Tap the EJECT icon of your USB drive.

ejecting usb flash drive from android storage

✅ You will then see the status of your USB from available it became EJECTED. You can now safely remove it from your phone.

successfully ejected usb from storage

Process 3

✅ Lastly, go to Settings again.

android settings

✅ Press More Connections. In other android phones it is within the VPN, Bluetooth category.

android more connections

✅ Inside, find OTG. Then turn OFF the OTG. You can now remove it from your phone.

disabling otg device from more connections

✅ Done! That's the 3 processes to be able to safely remove a USB flash drive connected to your android phone. This process is absolutely a must-do, always and every time. Why? Your USB is not for free and when you broke it, you need to buy a new one. Second, your data (files) are very important, if there is no backup and your USB drive suddenly died, then, it is gone forever also because of the improper ejecting. You can save lots of money and files by just doing this simple care for your USB flash drive.

If you have question, leave a comment below. Thanks!