For this post, I will help you how to remove your Blogspot Name or Title which is always included even in your individual blog post like the image sample below.

Blog title or name is included in individual blog post title

If you will open this particular blog post with the title "How to remove Blogger Title in individual blog post title", when someone on Google search found this blog post, it have a title of "How to remove Blogger Title in individual blog post title - Online How Tutorials" instead of just "How to remove Blogger Title in individual blog post title".

For this post, we will be removing the Blogspot's Title. Please carefully follow the given steps below.

Here are the simple steps to easily remove Blogspot Name or Title in every individual blog post.

✅ Inside your Blogger click Theme.

blogger theme

✅ Press Customize button.

blogger theme customize

✅ In the menu that will appear, press Edit HTML.

editing the HTML of blogger theme

✅ Inside the HTML code of your Theme, click anywhere and then press CTRL+ F (shortcut key for Find), in the search box type <data:blog.title/> and press Enter. You will see the same result as shown in the image below.

finding <data:blog.title/> inside blogger theme html

✅ All you need to do now is just remove the - <data:blog.title/> and your code should look like the same as below.

removing <data:blog.title/> in blogger theme html

✅ When done, save your work by clicking the Save icon.

saving the editing done html code of theme

✅ View any of your article and you will notice that the Blogspot Name or Title is gone from the individual post's title.

viewing blog post without the blogspot title or name

✅ Done!

If you have a question, you can leave a comment below. Thanks!