The 90-day authentication code that expired is just a normal thing when it comes to your GCash account. This happens to all the GCash users and there's nothing to worry about. I think personally, this is just an additional security measure of GCash for its users to update their code once every 3 months which I think is a good one.

After 3 months, you are required for re-authentication. All you need to do, is to enter a new code in the app. And we will do that process for this tutorial.

Here are the steps to re-authenticate your GCash account after the 90-day authentication code already expired.

Re-enter your GCash-registered number and press NEXT button to proceed.

re-entering gcash registered number on the app

✅ A 6-digit OTP (one-time pin) number will be sent to your GCash-registered phone number. Enter

the number correctly and press the Submit button to confirm.

entering the sent 6-digit OTP code to the gcash number

✅ After successfully entering the 6-digit OTP, you will now need to type your 4-digit MPIN.

re-entering 4-digit gcash mpin

✅ When done, you are now inside your GCash account. You have successfully re-authenticated and opened your account.

gcash account successfully re-authenticated and logged in

✅ Done!

If you have questions, leave a comment below. Cheers!

Additional ways to solve this problem regarding GCash expired authentication

  • If the steps above did not work, then, try uninstalling and installing your GCash app.
  • You can also try clearing the cache and storage of your GCash app. To do this, long-press the icon of your GCash app. Then tap on App Info. Inside, press Storage & cache. Find and press Clear storage as well as Clear cache.
  • If all of these steps did not work, then, this is the time to contact GCash support. You can directly email them at You can also open your GCash app and under the input MPIN, you will see there the link for Help Center. Tap that link to see documents regarding the authentication problem.