If you forgot your GCash password or someone change it, then, you need to submit ticket on GCash Help or Support to be able to regain access on your account. Another situation is also forgot your MPIN or someone also change it. Then, you also need to submit a ticket to escalate your situation to GCash. All other problems or alarming situations regarding your GCash account is needed to be reported on GCash by submitting a ticket.

But, what if you cannot access your GCash account, how to submit a ticket to them?

How to submit GCash ticket if I cannot open my account

Note: You can perform this using your phone or laptop/pc.
You can watch my YouTube below or just go through the tutorial.

1. Go to GCash Center, click here.

2. Inside the page, you will see the title "How can I create a GCash account?", just scroll down the page until you see the image below.

3. Under the "Was this article helpful", you will see there the Yes or No buttons. Then under it, you will see there the "Have more questions?" Then, next to it is the "Submit a Ticket" link.

4. Just click the "Submit a Ticket" link and you are ready to go.

5. Below is an example of GCash Submit Ticket form. Just fill up the form with all the details needed and the problem or situation that you wanted to report to them.

6. When done, get your Ticket Number. You will be needing this number for future use. You can also use your ticket number to follow up your problem to GCash.

Tip: For faster processing of your ticket, you can directly chat or comment on GCash official Facebook page. Click here. Just always give them your ticket number.