Google Play Store games and apps are always free to download and play. But some of its apps needs payment to be able to download. Some games need in-game purchases to be able to level up faster or boost your character power or ability and more. There are various ways to be able to add a payment method to Google Play like PayPal, a debit card, and GCash here in the Philippines.

For this tutorial, I will show you how to easily add your GCash account to Google Play and start using at as payment medium when you want to buy a game or app. You can also easily remove GCash later if you want to do so, and I will also give you the link for that tutorial below.


  • GCash account that is verified
  • Gmail account to login on Google Play Store

Assuming that you already have the given requirements above, continue doing the tutorial below.

Here are the steps on how to add your GCash account on Google Play

1. Login your Gmail account to Google Play Store. Inside, tap on your Profile picture to see hidden menu.

2. In the menu that will appear, tap on Payments & subscriptions.

3. Under Payments & subscriptions, press Payment methods.

4. In the Payment methods, find and press Add GCash.

5. Google Play will say that you will be re-directed to GCash to verify your account. Just press the Continue button to confirm.

6. Login your GCash account. Enter your 4-digit MPIN.

7. Just wait for a moment while loading the Online Payments Linking page.

8. Still under Online Payments Linking, you will see there that Google wants to access your GCash account with your registered number. And by linking GCash to Google Play, your account will be auto-debited for each purchases you will be doing inside the Play Store. Tick the I have agree button and press the Authorize button to confirm.

9. Enter the OTP that GCash sent to your number. It is a 6-digit one-time pin. Press the NEXT button to proceed.

10. And the linking of your GCash to Play Store is a success. Press the OK button to proceed.

11. To complete the linking, type your name in the name field as well as your postal code. Press the Continue button to proceed.

12. Back inside the Payment methods of your Google Play account, you will see there that GCash is already added.

13. GCash will also text you regarding the successful linking of your account to Google.

14. Done! You have successfully added your GCash account to your Google Play account as payment method.

If you have question, leave a comment below.