Deleting FB page is not the same as before. Facebook really changed the steps. Before, after you deleted your Facebook page, you still have the chance to restore it before the 30-day deadline is gone, but now, you can delete a page instantly. And I will show you how to do it for this tutorial. See the steps below.


✅ Accessing FB account
✅ Accessing Profiles
✅ Selecting the page to delete
✅ Accessing Page Settings
✅ Accessing Privacy Settings
✅ Deleting the page

New steps on how to delete Facebook page 2023

1. Open your Facebook account that contains the Facebook page that you wanted to delete. Click your Profile photo.

2. In the menu that will appear, click "See all profiles".

3. Under "Your profiles & Pages", click the page that you wanted to delete.

4. You will be redirected to your Facebook page. Click its name to open "Manage Page" section.

5. If the "Your Page Has Been Updated!" appears, just click "Use Page" button to proceed. If not, just proceed to STEP6.

6. Under Manage Page, click Settings.

7. Under Settings, click Privacy.

8. Under Privacy, click Facebook Page information.
9. Under Facebook Page information, click View in the "Deactivation and deletion."

10. In the Deactivating or deleting your Facebook page, select Delete Page and click Continue.

11. In the Permanently delete Page, you will be given 2 options that you might want to do first before deleting the current page. You can either Download the page info or transfer it. For this tutorial, I will just do nothing and proceed with the deletion.

12. To confirm the deletion, enter your FB account current password. When done, press Continue to proceed.

13. Press Continue again to permanently delete your Facebook page.
14. Done!