If you wanted to activate your Maya Virtual card inside your account and you do not have enough balance, then, you need to cash in. For this post, I will send money from my GCash account to my Maya account. Yes! You can do that. But you cannot cash in directly inside your Maya account using GCash, that option is nowhere to found. Good to know that inside GCash you can easily send money to your Maya account using Transfer via InstaPay method.

Requirements for the cash in

  • If you are going to cash in P100, then, you need extra P15 for the transfer fee via InstaPay.
  • Verified GCash account with enough funds
  • Verified or upgraded Maya account

If you have all the listed requirements above, then continue doing the tutorial below.

Here are the steps to cash in PayMaya account using GCash

1. Login and open your GCash account. Inside, you can tap on Send or Transfer.

send transfer money paymaya

2. If you pressed Send then do the step below which is tap on Transfer button. If you pressed Transfer already in STEP 1, then continue to STEP 3.

transfer option gcash

3. Under Bank Transfer, press View All.

view all transfer options via partner banks in gcash

4. Find and select PayMaya/Maya Wallet.

select paymaya maya wallet

5. Now, enter the amount that you want to cash in your Maya Wallet. Enter also your Maya account name and phone number. When done, press the Send Money button to proceed.

enter amount maya account name and number

6. Review your transaction details, you are now going to the amount to your Maya account plus additional P15 fee for InstaPay. Using InstaPay is really good because you will receive the money instantly inside your Maya account. Press the Confirm button to confirm.

gcash transaction details transfer funds to maya wallet

7. And the money is sent! Just press the X button to exit transaction.

money sent to paymaya wallet

8. A text from GCash will be sent to your GCash-registered number regarding the transfer to PayMaya.

gcash text about the transfer

9. Back to your GCash wallet, you will notice that your current available balance is not the same as before.

gcash available balance

10. Open and login your Maya account. And inside, you will see that your wallet got some added balance. You will also see under Transactions the Received money from InstaPay. Press that transaction to see more details.

maya wallet money cash in

11. The transaction details contain all the information regarding the transfer or cash in using your GCash account via InstaPay.

transaction details cash in via gcash

Done! You have successfully cash in your PayMaya/Maya wallet account using your GCash account available funds.

If you have questions, leave a comment below.