No GCash? No PayMaya? No problem! You can still load your Satlite box using Pasaload. For this tutorial, I will show you how to Pasaload your box with Satlite load 99. See the steps below.


✅ Pasaload P100
✅ Texting keyword to 808
✅ Waiting for the activation of promo
✅ Done!

How to Pasaload Satlite Load 99

1. First, load your TNT or Smart number with P100 worth of load. P99 for Satlite load + P1 for Pasaload process.

2. When done with the load. Text PASALOAD(space)SatLite Account No.(space)CGLSL99 and send to 808. Example: PASALOAD 12345678 CGLSL99 send to 808.

3. You will then receive a text message from Pasaload saying the following:

05-Mar 19:23:09701234567 has transferred Load99 to 12345678. Pls check the Cignal Account after 5 minutes. Ref:290897734684

4. Just wait for 5 to 10 minutes (activation time) after doing the Pasaload process and your TV will now have all the listed TV channels included for Satlite Load 99 promo which is valid for 1 month or 30 days only.

5. Done!

Other Pasaload Keywords

✅ Keywords valid for 3 days: SL10, SL15, SL25
✅ Keywords valid for 30 days: CGLSL49, CGLSL199, SL299
✅ Keyword valid for 25 days: SL499