CMSMS or CMS Made Simple is another free content management system that you can use to create a website. For this tutorial, we are going to install it an web hosting, also for free. If you want to just install it locally using XAMPP's localhost, then, you can do this tutorial instead. To start, you need to download the needed files below for the installation.


After downloading the files, continue doing the tutorials below.

Table of Contents

  • Registering for a Free Web Hosting Account with Cpanel
  • Creating a free domain or subdomain in our Web Hosting Account
  • Uploading CMS Made Simple and unzipper.php files using Web Host File Manager
  • Extracting the CMS Made Simple zip file using unzipper.php
  • Creating needed database needed for CMS Made Simple installation
  • Installation of CMS Made Simple manually
  • Accessing CMS Made Simple website homepage
  • Accessing CMS Made Simple website admin account

Here are the steps on how to install CMS Made Simple manually in a web hosting account free

Registering for a Free Web Hosting Account with Cpanel

1. Go to website.

infinityfree_net web hosting

2. Click the Sign Up Now button to proceed.

signup for free web hosting account

3. In the "Sign up for a free account" do the following: Email address - enter a valid email. Password - your desired account password (do not forget it). Check the "I've read and agree..." and press Create New Profile when done.

enter email and password to signup

4. You now need to verify your registration.

confirmation email sent

5. Open your email account and find the email sent by InfinityFree. Click the verify button to proceed.

verify your web host registration

6. After verifying, you're free web hosting account is now up and going. Proceed to the next tutorial below.

successfully created web host account

Creating a free domain or subdomain in our Web Hosting Account

1. We are now going to create an account. This will contain a free subdomain that we will be using later to install our CMS Made Simple website. To start, click "+Create Account" buton.

create new domain

2. In the "Choose a Domain Name" do the following: Domain Type - subdomain. Subdomain - name your subdomain. Domain Extension - just select from the list. When done, click Check Availability button to proceed.

naming domain

3. Under "Enter Additional Information" do the following: Account Password - you can type your desired password or just leave it empty. When done, click Create Account to continue.

domain password

4. You just created your free web hosting account. Click Finish to proceed.

successfully created new domain

5. Inside your account Manage page, you will see there that the File Manager (is currently disabled) and your Account's Status is still in "Pending Creation".

domain registration pending

6. Just wait for 2 to 5 minutes and it will be activated automatically. Assuming that your account is already up, you will see that your File Manager is also enabled now. The Status is now changed to Active.

domain registration active

Uploading CMS Made Simple and unzipper.php files using Web Host File Manager

1. We are now going to upload the CMSMS zip file and the unzipper.php file inside our htdocs folder using our File Manager. To start, click File Manager.

opening file manager

2. Inside File Manager, click the htdocs folder.

opening htdocs or public_html folder

3. Inside htdocs folder, delete all its default contents.

delete default files inside htdocs

4. Now, click the Upload button and then click Upload Zip... option.

upload options htdocs folder

5. Browse for the CMSMS zip file and click Just Upload button.

browse cms file installer to upload

6. Wait for the uploading to finish.

uploading cms installer file to htdocs

7. When done, you will see the cmsms zip file is now inside your htdocs folder.

successfully uploaded cms file to htdocs

8. Click Upload again and then click Upload file.

upload file option htdocs

9. Upload the unzipper.php file.

uploading unzipper.php file htdocs

10. When done, you now have 2 files inside your htdocs. The cmsms zip and unzipper.php files.

successfully uploaded unzipper.php to htdocs

Extracting the CMS Made Simple zip file using unzipper.php

1. We are now going to extract our cmsms zip file contents inside htdocs. Go to Accounts.

accessing web hosting account

2. Under Your Accounts, you will see there your official subdomain link, copy it.

getting your domain link

3. Paste your subdomain link in your browser address bar and add /unzipper.php after it. (See image below). When done, press ENTER to open the Unzipper.

accessing unzipper.php

4. Under Archive Unzipper, make sure cmsms zip file is selected. When done, click the Unzip Archive button to start the extraction.

extracting cms zip file using unzipper.php

5. Wait for the extraction to finish.

successfully extracted cms zip file

6. When done, go back to your htdocs folder and click the Refresh button.

refreshing htdocs_folder

7. You now have there 2 new folders named cmsms and cmsms-installer.

cms files are now extreacted inside htdocs

Creating needed database needed for CMS Made Simple installation

1. Back to your account, click Control Panel.

accessing web host account database manager

2. If the image below appears, just click the "I Approve" button to proceed.

accepting web hosting terms

3. Find the DATABASES section and click MySQL Databases.

accessing web hosting mysql database

4. Under Create New Database, just name your database. When done, press Create Database button to continue.

creating new database

5. You just created a database. We will be using this later during CMS Made Simple installation. For now, click the Admin button to proceed.

successfully created database accessing phpmyadmin

6. In the Create table, just name your database table and set columns to 4. When done, press GO to continue.

creating new table inside phpmyadmin

7. For table structure, just name it also and set Type to INT.

naming database structure

8. For Collation, set it to utf8_unicode_ci and leave all the fields untouched.

setting database table collation

9. For Collation (near Table comments), set it to utf8_unicode_ci.

setting database table collation to utf8_unicode_ci

10. Save your database.

saving database

11. Now, click the "Database: epiz_xxxxxxxx_cmsms_db" (see image below) to proceed.

accessing database operation

12. Then click Operations.

modifying database table collation via operation

13. Find Collation which is near the bottom of the page. You will see there that Collation is set to latin1_swedish_ci.

default database table collation

14. Change Collation to utf8_unicode_ci and press Go to proceed. After pressing Go, you will notice like nothing happened. As long as you pressed Go, just proceed to the next step below.

changing database table collation to utf8_unicode_ci

15. Click "Database: epiz_xxxxxxxx_cmsms_db" again to proceed.

verifying if database table collation is channged

16. And your database collation is now correct and all are set to utf8_unicode_ci.

successfully modified database table collation to utf8_uncode_ci

Installation of CMS Made Simple manually

1. We are now ready to manually install CMS Made Simple in our free web hosting. To start, copy your official subdomain link again and paste it in your web browser address bar. Add /cmsms-installer next to your subdomain link (see image below) and press ENTER to fire the installation page.

starting cmsms installation

2. Under CMS Made Simple installation welcome page, do the following: Destination Directory - select /your/path/htdocs/cmsms. For Language, select English and for Enable advanced mode, select No. When done, press NEXT to proceed.

cmsms installation welcome page

3. Under "Detect existing software" just press Install to proceed.

cmsms installation detect existing software

4. In Tests, just press NEXT again to proceed.

cmsms installation requirement tests

5. For Database Information, do the following; (You can find all the needed details here inside your MySQL Databases page). Database Hostname - Database Name - epiz_33178440_cmsms_db. User name - epiz_33178440. Password - your account password (if you leave it empty during creation of your account, then, you can find your random password in your Manage page). For Time zone, just select your country's time zone. When done, press NEXT to continue.

cmsms installation database information and time zone

6. For Admin Account Information, do the following: User name - admin. Email address - enter a valid email address. Password - your amin account password (do not forget it). When done, press NEXT to continue.

cmsms installation admin account information

7. Under Site Settings, just give your website a name. Press NEXT to proceed.

cmsms installation website name

8. Click NEXT in Install Application Files.

cmsms installation application files

9. Also click NEXT in Database Work.

cmsms installation database work

10. Done! You just installed and created a website using CMS Made Simple.

successfully installed cmsms website

11. For security reasons, you need to delete the cmsms-installer folder inside your htdocs folder.

delete cmsms installer inside htdocs folder

12. Just delete the cmsms-installer folder.

successfully deleted cmsms installer insdide htdocs folder

Accessing CMS Made Simple website homepage

1. To access your CMS Made Simple website homepage, just go to you website link and add /cmsms after it.

sample cmsms website homepage

Accessing CMS Made Simple website admin account

1. To access your admin login page, just go to your official website link and just add /cmsms/admin after it.

accessing cmsms website admin login page

2. Login your admin username and password and press Submit to proceed.

login cmsms website admin username and password

3. Below is an example of CMS Made Simple administration account page.

sample cmsms administration account page

Thank you for reading this tutorial. I do hope that it helped you and you've learned a lot while doing this. If you have a question, just leave a comment below. Cheers!