You can now open your GCash account using your laptop or PC and without the need to use your mobile phone. As we all know, we can use GCash to buy a load for ourselves, or someone, to transfer or receive money, and much more.

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  • As of December 21, 2020: New Way to Install GCash using Bluestacks
  • Recent update won't allow your GCash to be installed using Bluestacks because Bluestacks only has the android version of 4 while GCash requires 5 and above. Good thing, we have the LDPlayer which is an alternative to Bluestacks. LDPlayer emulator has the android version of 7 which will allow your GCash to be installed inside your laptop or computer. Go ahead and do the tutorial here > How to Install & Open GCash in PC using LDPlayer.

For this post, we will install GCash inside your computer so that you can use it in future useful transactions.

But before you can install your GCash in your computer, you need a program that will act as an emulator for your android phone. As you can see, computers won't be able to read apps from a mobile phone, a computer operating system (OS) is absolutely different from the OS of a phone. Computer OS's are called Windows, while Android for mobile phones with the name of candies and lollipops. And the program that I am talking about is called Bluestacks. It is a bit big-sized file but worth downloading.

Here are the prerequisite programs that you need to download before being to open and use your GCash app inside your laptop or computer.

Bluestacks - download here.
Play Services info APK - download here (optional - if only required by GCash)
Google Play Services - updated version (optional)

How to Open GCash in computer

1. After downloading Bluestacks, install it.
2. Assuming you are done with the installation, open your Bluestacks.
3. Inside your Bluestacks, in the search field, type GCash and press the magnifying glass to start the search.

4. In the search results, find GCash and click the Visit Google Play.

5. If you see the official App page of GCash, then just click the Install button to start downloading and installing your GCash app. If not, it says the app is not compatible with your device, then you need to download I manually. Go to Evozi APK download, and in the "Package name or Google Play URL," type, and click the Generate Download Link button. When you can see the download link button, just click it to download your GCash app APK file.

6. After downloading your APK file. Inside your Bluestacks, click My Apps tab. Click Install apk located at the bottom-right of the screen.

7. Browse your GCash APK file, select it, and press the Open button.

8. Wait for the installation to finish. When done, click the newly installed GCash icon that you can now see inside your Bluestacks.

9. Assuming you already got a GCash account, click Log In.

10. Type your GCash cell phone number. (Example your number is 09091234567, then you only need to type 9091234567 because the +63 is already your first 0) And press the Next button.

11. A 6-digit authentication will be sent to your mobile phone, so be sure your phone is ON, and your sim card is still valid. Otherwise, you won't be able to receive the code and won't be able to log in to your GCash account on your computer. Now, if you have the code, type it inside your GCash app, and press the Submit Code button.

12. For the MPIN page, just input your current PIN. You only got 3 tries. Otherwise, your account will be blocked for 24 hours or 1 day. After typing your 4-digit PIN code, just wait for a few seconds, and your GCash account is now accessible on your computer.

13. AS you can see, the image below is an example of GCash logged in on my computer.