I also uploaded an updated video below on how to open GCash account safely on 2023.

You can now open your GCash account using your laptop or PC and without the need to use your mobile phone. As we all know, we can use GCash to buy a load for ourselves, or someone, to transfer or receive money, and much more.

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👉 Tutorial updated as of August 31, 2021 for new steps and installation.

For this post, we will install GCash inside your computer so that you can use it in future useful transactions.

But before you can install your GCash in your computer, you need a program that will act as an emulator for your android phone. As you can see, computers won't be able to read apps from a mobile phone, a computer operating system (OS) is absolutely different from the OS of a phone. Computer OS's are called Windows, while Android for mobile phones with the name of candies and lollipops. And the program that I am talking about is called Bluestacks. It is a bit big-sized file but worth downloading.

Here are the prerequisite programs that you need to download before being to open and use your GCash app inside your laptop or computer.
☑ Bluestacks - download here. After downloading install Bluestacks immediately. See tutorial here.
☑ Play Services info APK - download here (optional - if only required by GCash)
☑ Google Play Services - updated version (optional)

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👉 BlueStacks Player has stop working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly.

How to Open GCash in computer

👉 First, we need to know the latest version of GCash available in Google PlayStore. Using your internet browser search for the keyword "gcash app google play" and press the search button. In the results, click the one with the https://play.google.com > store > apps > details > id=co...

👉 Inside the GCash app page, scroll down a bit and find the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section of the page. You will find there the GCash latest and current version available. Remember the current version.

👉 Now, back to Google search, type the keyword "gcash + [current version] + apk download". Example: gcash 5.43.0 apk download. In the results, find the one with the APKPURE link and click that link.
👉 Your download will start automatically. If not, just press the download button to download the APK file. Wait for it to finish downloading.

👉 When done, open your Bluestacks. If you cannot see My Games, then proceed to the next steps.

👉 In the older version of Bluestacks, you will find there the Personalize inside the My Games tab. Beside it there is an icon just click it and press Install apk. In the newer version of Bluestacks, you can find the Install APK in the right side of the emulator it has the icon with the name APK on it. Press that icon.

👉 A prompt will appear. Just browse the APK file that you downloaded in APKPURE earlier. Press the Open button to continue.

👉 The GCash APK file will start installing itself. Just wait for it to finish.

👉 When done, you will see the GCash logo inside your Bluestacks with the word New below it. Click the icon to open GCash.

👉 If the Request Permission appears, just click the OK button to continue.

👉 Just click ALLOW for "Allow GCash to access this device's location?"

👉 Just click ALLOW also for "Allow GCash to make and manage phone calls?"

👉 Same also for "Allow GCash to access photos, media, and files on your device?"

👉 Also ALLOW for "Allow GCash to access your contacts?"

👉 And lastly, click ALLOW for "Allow GCash to take pictures and record video?"

👉 In the next page, it has the Welcome to GCash: Turn your phone into a secure e-wallet. Use it across all networks, with no data. Just press the LOG IN button to continue if you already have a GCash account. If not, then, press the Register button and register for an account first.

👉 After clicking LOG IN, just enter your registered mobile phone number in GCash and press the NEXT button to proceed.

👉 Under Authentication, you will be asked to enter or type the 6-digit code sent to your mobile phone by GCash. When done, just press the Submit button to continue.

👉 Wait for the verification to finish.

👉 You will now then be asked to enter your GCash 4-digit MPIN. Just press the number to start typing your MPIN.

👉 If successful, you will now have the access to your GCash account inside your laptop or desktop computer. Just press the SKIP link to enter your GCash homepage.

👉 Done! You have successfully opened your GCash wallet/account using computer.

IF you have comments, questions and problems regarding the tutorial, use the comment form below. Thank you for reading guys. Stay safe and God bless!

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